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BREAKING: We Just Learned What Barack Obama Is Doing This Weekend

Barack Obama

America is shocked that our President Barack Obama is refusing to attend the funeral of the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Many thousands of patriots and ordinary citizens are waiting hours on the cold streets of Washington, D.C. to honor Scalia now. But Obama can’t find time to attend his funeral tomorrow.

Supposedly, Obama is too busy. What is he doing? Golfing? Going to see a show at the Kennedy Center? Planning his next multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded vacation for the family?

As it turns out, he will be doing THIS:

President Barack Obama will start reading through extensive packets of information about potential Supreme Court nominees this weekend, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Friday.

The information includes details of their professional careers, records and experience. Obama will spend a “significant” portion of his weekend doing this, Earnest added.

He said the packets were prepared by White House lawyers.

Earnest said Obama does not yet have a shortlist of candidates. He would not specify how many nominees were being reviewed, but he did say it was more than two and that the list is not complete.

So there you have it. Obama will be too busy trying to find ways to force Senate Republicans – especially those in vulnerable states – to approve of a radical, far-left appointee to the Supreme Court.

Their career will span perhaps 20-40 years, and change the landscape of American politics forever.

Sadly, Republicans do not seem willing to stop Obama, while he has a laser-like focus on making sure he can appoint another Supreme Court Justice before his final year in the White House is over.

On second thought, now I wish he was golfing.

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