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BREAKING: Voter Fraud Exposed In New York Primary! Whoa…

New York Primary

New York is run by Democrats, and today is the most meaningful presidential primary for the state in decades!

But now, some of the candidates’ strongest supporters are finding out they can’t vote for the candidate of their choice…

That’s because, as a recent emergency lawsuit filed in a Long Island federal court notes, “thousands of New York Voters have been erroneously purged from the rolls.”

Many are believed to be Bernie Sanders voters, which may hint that Team Hillary has something to do with it. But that doesn’t mean conservative businessman Donald J. Trump’s supporters aren’t affected too!

Under state law, NY has closed primaries, where you must be a member of each party months in advance. Therefore, if voters registered recently, they can’t vote.

Now, many of those voters are learning that their registrations have been misfiled or have inexplicably gone missing. This is horrible news!

The political establishment is trying to steal the election:

“For many of our complainants, to have the electoral process deprived of them, it’s devastating,” Shyla Nelson, an activist and spokeswoman for Election Justice U.S.A., told the Daily News.

New York is one of 11 states that has a closed primary system and, due to an obscure election law, voters must have been registered by November of the previous year for the party whose primary they plan to vote in — this is the earliest change-of-party deadline in the country.

“If the primary were open, this would be a non-issue for thousands of registered voters that have had this happen to them,” Nelson said. “By making the primary open, it eliminates one of the most vexing problems New Yorkers have dealt with in this primary season.

“It’s a threat to the democratic process,” she added

Via NY Post

Some are reporting highly irregular problems with their voting registration, including copied signatures! Others were denied due to “clerical errors”….

One plaintiff, a 24-year-old from Suffolk County, says that he registered as a Democrat in 2009, and that a change of affiliation form the BOE showed him, supposedly proving he left the party, bears a signature that is an “identical, pixel-by-pixel” copy of the signature on his driver’s license. Another plaintiff, a 58-year-old from upstate Onondaga County, had been registered as a Democrat since 1989, but on April 11th found that her registration was “purged.” An employee of the county told her that the change was a clerical error, but that she would not be able to vote on Tuesday, according to the suit. Others named in the lawsuit registered for the first time within days of the new voter deadline in March, or the party-change deadline last October.

What’s going on here? In Brooklyn alone (the birthplace of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)), more than 63,558 voters have been dropped from the rolls between November 2015 and April 2016. In such a heavily populated and highly political area, there is no reasonable explanation for why those numbers dropped before a presidential election.

Clearly, something fishy is happening in today’s New York primary. It’s essential for voters to be on the look out, and report any further suspicious behavior.

Don’t let the political establishment steal the vote!

What do you think about voters being kept off the rolls in New York? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.