BREAKING: Video of Michelle Obama BASHING AMERICA Resurfaces!

A once-hidden video has resurfaced on YouTube which shows America’s unclassy First Lady Michelle Obama bashing America in the strongest terms.

Watch (below) as Michelle Obama challenges students to break the “status quo”… Which means rejecting American culture and traditions. You have to wait until the very end of this video, where she slams Americans for being “ignorant.”

This is ugly and vile! Could you imagine going through life with such anger, and hating the country which has provided us all with so much opportunity and prosperity. Students already spend their days in front of college professors who have an anti-American, Marxist worldview… Why does Michelle Obama feel the need to reinforce these shameful views?

Michelle Obama is a multi-millionaire and has hundreds of staff members take care of her while she spends hundreds of millions on vacations throughout the world. And yet her views on America has not changed, as she is a determined radical.

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  • No one is surprised at her lack of intelligence, her lack of gratitude to be an American, her lack of skills at Public speaking nor her lack of a pleasant face nor a smile for us to look at. She is about "Attitude" and Conceit.

  • Michelle Obama, the drag queen, of the whitehouse passed himself off as a woman and has been involved in sex parties with Obama where they both played male roles. Obama has never proved he was born in the USA and Moo shell should also be challenged to prove her/his sexual orientation.

  • Ugly on the inside as well as the outside. An embarrassment. No difference in her and the welfare mother in the ghetto, both living off of Government money.

  • An ignorant person trying to tell America about it's ignorance. I agree however but only for liberal democrats which I'm sure is who she is talking about. It's all she knows and understands, ignorance and the democratic party is full of it.

  • WTF is this women taking about? The absolutely worst First Lady of all time!!! Playing on young peoples minds. Making them believe they have fears they don't really have! Who has ever been afraid to talk to someone "at another table", in a college setting ..WHO? She's NUTS!

  • Can I say this without retaliation?? She's an idiot. Who in there right mind want to sit and listen to he?. She isn't even a good speaker.

  • She has got to be the BIGGEST POS I've ever run into! America loves you Michelle...regardless of how little you love America!

  • I am by no means an Obama supporter or a member of the liberal/socialist camp(s). This being said, I do take great issue with false reporting and ignorance displayed in those who call others out for the same thing. The report places Mooch at USC- University of Southern California despite the backdrop clearly showing USC- University of South Carolina. Mistakes as big as this bring credibility into question. The fact that none of the other commenters even caught this major discrepancy saddens me further. It shows a lack of independence and the willingness to blindly believe what is reported by any journalist calling themselves a conservative.

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