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BREAKING: A Top Republican Presidential Candidate – Dropping OUT!?!?

Marco Rubio

Just before tonight’s CNN Republican Primary debate, rumors are swirling everywhere about Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) dropping out of the race! Underperforming in every state primary competition, the once establishment-backed candidate has no traction.

Now, a bombshell report from Fox Business shows that his campaign is in an “all-out civil war” between Republican donors demanding he drop out and a campaign telling him to fight until the Florida primary.

But both sides agree, the end is near and might happen immediately!

Rubio campaign officials deny that the Florida senator is contemplating an early exit from the campaign and say he will continue on through the GOP convention in July.

But major donors who have advised Rubio say based on their conversations, Rubio’s ultimate intentions are less certain, and while he may not drop out before Florida, they believe based on these conversations, he will drop out of the race if he loses there.

They say the candidate has listened to their logic that by remaining in the campaign and losing in his home state to Trump, Rubio would go a long way to handing the nomination to Trump, the volatile Manhattan real estate mogul and reality TV star.

With that, they are urging him to drop out as soon as possible and endorse Texas Senator Ted Cruz or Kasich, who have a better chance of beating Trump and winning the general election. With Trump as the nominee, they told Rubio, he has all but assured that the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win the general election in the fall given Trump’s high negatives among Independent, women and minority voters.

“If Trump wins and the GOP gets trounced, possibly even losing the senate, Marco will then take the fall,” said one GOP operative.

Rubio’s staff only wants him to stay in the race so they can collect a few more paychecks. But they are certainly updating their resumes today, even before this news came out.

While Rubio has failed over and over again, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a long-shot chance at defeating conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, especially because of his strength in important primaries this week… such as Ohio and Florida.

But Cruz stands no chance the longer Rubio pretends he’s still in this race, which is why Rubio’s campaign is on death watch. Rubio is about to drop out of the presidential race, as his donors are now admitting that nothing has worked against Trump.

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