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BREAKING: Top Fox News Host Taken Off Air… SILENCED!

Andrew Tantaros

On Fox News’ Outnumbered, Andrew Tantaros is out!

Host Tantaros won’t be allowed on air for the time being due to contractual issues. And we likely will never see her on Fox News again!

TVNewser received a tip and reported:

When we reached out to FNC, they sent us this statement: “Issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract, and Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off. She is still under contract with the network.”

Tantaros was last on Outnumbered on Monday. She got a shout-out Monday evening on The Five for her new book, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable.

Tantaros was scheduled to call in to Bill Cunningham‘s radio show yesterday, but canceled a few hours before.

The response on Twitter was instant, with many people speculating she’s beeing taken off air for her support of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, who has frequently had conflicts with prime-time host Megyn Kelly:

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