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BREAKING: The Winner of the Nevada GOP Caucus Is…


The Nevada caucus results are in, and it was a landslide victory for Donald J. Trump. He dominated every precinct while national media covered the vote counting in real-time.

Fox News and CNN called the race first, seconds after the caucus voting was over.

The exact numbers aren’t in yet, but it’s clear that Trump won the #NVcaucus.

Reports of the caucus showed it was a chaotic situation- long lines, poll workers wearing campaign shirts, and potentially dirty tricks fooling voters to stand in incorrect lines. It was a mess, and the Nevada Republican establishment should be embarrassed.

But with so many newly registered voters turning out, it was clear from the entrance polls that the voters who showed up were mad at Washington, D.C. and wanted a real outsider in the White House!

That’s why Trump won tonight.

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