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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Makes A Massive 2016 Campaign Announcement!

Ted Cruz

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump is leading Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by 15 points in Indiana, even after Cruz’s endorsement by Governor Mike Pence.

The delegates from Indiana are critical in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination, but Cruz just made a huge announcement that shocked the political world…

Cruz will stay in this race no matter what happens on Tuesday! WOW!

As he explained on Sunday with Chris Wallace on Fox News:

“If you don’t win in Indiana under these circumstances, is this race over?” asked “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

“Of course not,” Cruz said. “It’s going to be a battle to see who can earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people at the convention. And the reason Donald is so frantic to say the race is over … is because Donald knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people.

“I agree that Indiana is incredibly important,” Cruz added.

Cruz in the days leading up to the primary has announced former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate and gained the endorsement of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R).

He also cut a deal with rival Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the hopes of boosting his chances in the Hoosier State. In exchange for Kasich pulling out of Indiana, thus helping Cruz gain more support in the state, the Texas senator would forgo campaigning in New Mexico and Oregon to pave the way for Kasich to best Trump in those states. The deal was struck in an attempt to stop Trump from securing the GOP nomination.

It’s clear that a massive loss on Tuesday night – which is expected – would make it difficult for Cruz and his supporters to justify to donors why they should keep funding the campaign:

A Tuesday loss here would make a continuing Cruz campaign difficult to justify. Cruz and his affiliated super PACs have cash to keep up the fight. His most recent campaign finance report showed the campaign had almost $9 million banked through March 31, after spending $70 million. But Cruz allies say he won’t stay in the race if it’s impossible for him to win. Cruz’s top advisers, including his wife Heidi, do not want their friend embarrassed by a campaign that goes on too long.

Part of Cruz’s challenge is, quite simply, few Republicans actually like him. Last week, former House Speaker John Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” They might hate Trump, but Cruz is no darling and his outside allies are more a marriage of convenience than conviction.

The math becomes increasingly difficult for a Cruz/Fiorina ticket as Trump quickly approaches 1,000 delegates, while setting records for vote totals in Republican presidential primaries:

Ted Cruz

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