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Breaking: Ted Cruz Just Received HORRIBLE NEWS – This Spells “DOOM”

Ted Cruz

It’s clear that while the GOP establishment is rallying behind Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the presidential primary, he’s not very popular in New York. Last night’s devastating defeat behind Ohio Governor John Kasich in the NY primary mathematically eliminated Cruz from earning the GOP nomination.

In fact, the loss was so severe, Cruz actually was beaten in at least one congressional district by Dr. Ben Carson, and he’s no longer in the race!

And in at least one congressional district, the Texas senator lost to someone who has long since dropped out of the race: Ben Carson.

In Westchester County’s 16th Congressional District, Cruz came in fourth place, behind Carson by 296 votes.
Trump dominated in Tuesday’s contest, garnering 60.5 percent of the vote and taking away 89 delegates. Kasich, who hasn’t won a state since Ohio’s contest in March, took 25 percent of the vote and grabbed three delegates, while Cruz got zero.

Cruz had a hard time campaigning in New York after making negative comments about “New York values” earlier in the race as part of an attack on Trump.

Via The Hill

Clearly, New York voters weren’t happy with Cruz’s “New York values” comments. And while we all know he meant New York liberalism, his clumsy words meant that even a highly skilled campaign team couldn’t save him from a devastating defeat.

Considering the so-called “dirty tricks” Team Cruz played on Dr. Carson in North Carolina and other primaries, Carson is probably laughing today about his unexpected victory.

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