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BREAKING: Target Issues New Statement On Bathroom Policy, Then THIS HAPPENS!

target bathroom

Typically, when a company makes a decision that infuriates millions of customers and causes sales to drop, they change their mind.

But when it comes to Target’s transgender bathroom rule, they just doubled-down on their policy!

Immediately after the announcement, their stock crashed for the 2nd time, and the store just lost $2 billion. This is shocking:

“We’re going to continue to embrace our belief in diversity and inclusion, just how important that is to our company,”CEO Brian Cornell said in a May 11 appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” business show. “But we’re also going to make sure our focus on safety is unwavering,” he added.

To mollify the public angered by his removal of single-sex restrooms and changing rooms, the company will add family bathrooms to all of its stores, he said.

We’re committed over the next few months, to make sure every one of our stores has that option, because we want to make sure that our guests be welcomed in our stores. But if there’s a question of safety, I can tell you and others, our focus on safety is unwavering, and we want to make sure we provide a welcoming environment for all our guests, one that’s safe, one that’s comfortable.

But Cornell did not offer to return single-sex changing rooms, which is likely the most unnerving element in the company’s new open-door, pro-transgender agenda.

But his pitch failed — the company’s stock crashed by roughly $3.50 per share after his appearance, down to the $75.70 level, despite a reassuring thumbs-up from one of the channel’s experts. “Target – it’s going higher, this thing is too cheap,” said CNBC’s Pete Najarian.

Target’s stock fell by 5.43 percent during the day, more than rivals J.C. Penny, which was down 2.47 percent. and WalMart, down 2.75 percent. But other retailers lost heavily – Kohl’s was down 6.02 percent and Sears dropped by 5.35 percent, amid bad news from President Barack Obama’s tepid economy.

Via Breitbart

It’s clear that liberals are willing to force their views upon the rest of us, even if it violates our safety. Now, in the era of Obama, it’s a “civil right” to allow strange perverted men into women’s restrooms.

Target is now so politically tied to this cause that they are willing to hurt their own stock. Where is the stockholder outrage, due to the massive losses and serious concerns over public safety? Target is just begging for lawsuits.

Target is being taught a hard lesson. But they don’t seem to have realized it yet.