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Breaking: Supreme Court Just Gave Conservatives A HUGE VICTORY… Obama Is Furious!

voter ID

Liberals have been arguing for years that it’s discriminatory and “racist” to ask people to show an ID before voting.

You need to show an ID before opening a credit card, entering a government building, getting on an airplane, and opening a bank account… Showing identification is part of life, and yet somehow the left thinks it keeps blacks and Hispanics from voting on Election Day.

Obama can’t be happy today, as the Supreme Court has officially refused to hear arguments about Texas’ voter ID law.

This is a big deal, and could definitely have an effect on the 2016 elections!

Texas’ controversial voter identification law will remain in effect, possibly through November’s elections, after the Supreme Court on Friday denied an emergency request from a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers who say the measure is discriminatory.

The unsigned order from the justices did not explain their reasoning, or whether there was any opposition. While it is a temporary decision, it could affect enforcement of similar laws in other states during a hotly contested presidential election year.

A lawsuit challenging the Texas law known as SB 14 is still pending in a federal court, and the immediate issue was whether it could be enforced until the legal issues are fully resolved. A federal appeals court will hold a hearing next month on the issue, and the Supreme Court indicated it could revisit the issue later this year.

One of the strictest such laws in the country, it requires voters to provide certain government-issued photo ID in order to cast a ballot. Texas officials and the U.S. Justice Department agree more than 600,000 eligible voters in the second-largest state lack one of the required IDs.

Via Fox News

Voter fraud is a real problem, which is why checking IDs on Election Day is a must. States will provide identification cards for free to people who don’t have them, which makes this easy way to prevent fraud a no-brainer.

The Supreme Court, even without conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, is no fan of the left’s arguments about voter ID.

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