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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Are says:

    Yeah, the only thing ‘inside’ The Political Insider’ has is their head up their ass. While I was lured into this website looking for answers on the Benghazi fiasco, all I find is insanely one-sided reporting, if you can call it that, and a bunch of right-wing commenters. What’s the point in commenting when your audience is going to be in complete agreement, as long as its anti-Clinton?

  2. Hillary Clinton is a coward and a traitor who will let Americans die for her own greed and lust for power.
    It would be a slap in the face to every man and woman who served this country if she is elected president.
    Remember Benghazi and decades of Clinton’s corruption and lies.
    Remember those who fought and died and think about those who will die for Hillary Clinton if she is in the White House.
    Because I care, I will not vote for Clinton.
    No way.

    George Vreeland Hill

  3. Frank says:

    The report is dead on. Liberals claim it is tin foil hat material, but they do not state any proofs that debunk it. They are manufacturing Obama/Hillary propaganda.
    It is widely accepted that after Bin Laden was taken out by SEAL Team 6, and in that instance the President’s impact is clearly visible he was a boasting rooster because that operation was a success and he deserves credit for green lighting the raid into our “allies” country, Pakistan, to take that mass murdering hate monger out.
    But Obama stood Libya policy upside down, despite Quadaffis change of mind and his willingness to admit inspectors who verified the destruction of a mass weapons and WMD program, chose to advocate a “liberation” army to take Quadaffi out. While at the same time having based his entire program of attack on the Bush administration on Bush’s “illegal war” that took out Hussein, ended that countries use as a platform for Hussein’s regional aggression and mass murdering and genocidal acts that Quadaffi, Mubarak, and Assad combined did not out do.
    The civil war Al-qaeda attempted to orchestrate in Iraq failed but resulted in significant casualties but even Obama himself declared the Surge and American efforts had succeeded, enough that Obama removed American troops from Iraq even after Maliki agreed to all the terms demanded by Obama Biden in a new troop agreement. The result is Iraq and Syria locked in both a Civil War and a more insidious war ith the Islamic State, (ISIS sounds like an Egyptian God.).
    Obama policy hasn;t simply fizzled out after 6 years of Civil War in Syria and the invasionn of Iraq by Islamic State forces, the death toll has rocketed past the Iraq War and brief Civil War inflamed by Al-qaeda.
    Is it an oversimplification to state that Obama’s bogus claim Al-Qaeda was on the run was a key issue he ran on for re-election and Benghazi’s event happening weeks before the election, justify Obama’s no hold bars dirty politics?
    Do we not now have enough proof that Obama continues to ignore or rewrite his Islamist narrative for political gain? The DOJ scrubbed Marteen’s phone, so any reference to a Muslim Brotherhood active terrorist cell was deleted and Allah substituted by God in the transcripts, 50 defense analysts signed a letter condemning Obama’s presentation of American intelligence on the Islamic State.
    It isn’t simply that Benghazi was a singular incident because of our tragic American loss of life, it is that the same false narrative and Obama policy is responsible for even worse. Obama is simply too submissive to Islam and pins his hopes on a religion that does not even meet the standards for a religion but shares the same failed false narrative of a “grand” global socialist new world order. sic

  4. Al says:

    I was doing some research and found this hilarious right wing, tinfoil hat conspiracy, website. Makes for good comical reading and especially from the commentators. Keep up the good work entertaining folks with inaccurate drivel.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Inaccurate? Her leaked emails show she knew the situation was getting really bad, as John “Chris” Stevens was ready to pull out of Benghazi. Why he stayed we may not know. What we do know, is that Hillary could have gotten them the help they needed and she didn’t. Maybe it’s because of her (as of yet unknown) illness is/was taking it’s toll on her.

      Another to note about the situation. Rather than sending re-inforcements to Benghazi, why was she relying on NATO liasons? You wonder why Trump has such a problem with NATO.

  5. Timothy says:

    Fact: Libya – she knew about the terrorist attack, she knew it was coming, she did nothing for her staff and left them there, she told the air force to stand down, lied about it, and has told lie after lie after lie about the whole thing. On the other side of the planet she sold American mega-debt for Chinese cash in exchange for the administration’s agreement not to push Made in America. This is call treason. Did the Bush family commit treason? If so, yes, lock them up too.

  6. Melford says:

    Why aren’t we all calling her “Hitlary” lol

  7. Melford says:

    This is way to easy. If I make a decision that costs a human his/her life I will be charged with one of two crimes. Voluntary or Involuntary Manslaughter. Their decision directly cost 4 people their lives. Once again politicians are above the law.

  8. Rex says:

    But Trey Gaudy has Muslims on his committee so how can we believe them?

  9. David says:

    Obomba’s and Hillary’s uncertainty how to handle the Banghazi attack is shocking and telling but was not evil of itself. They are both human and neither really has had any political science or historic studies to be prepared them for leadership. Their failure is forgivable.

    The thousands of actions covering up the political inconvenience, lying, making up stories about videos, prompting subordinates to lying and coverup, deleting emails, erasing servers, blocking inquiries, twisting facts over and over and over, is both
    the most admirable act of coverup this nation has ever seen
    and corruption of the worst kind in front of the world.

    That anyone could support either of them after the thousands of proofs discloses the actual evil in the nation. Gross ignorance, pro-female sexism and pro-black bias to a degree that has corrupted the government’s ability to operate

  10. Laurie says:

    First of people: this site is hosted by wordpress… yes a blog site which equals to opinion and distortion of the truth. Second have any of you researched the 13 attacks under Bush which left SIXTY PEOPLE DEAD?

    1. Anon says:

      are you really trying to justify what this CUNT did?

      1. Laurie says:

        Yes, I am…. Especially when a POS like yourself uses that word.

    2. Jane says:

      The difference between the attacks when Bush was in office and Obama is the simple fact that it was not covered up, hidden by the press and the President of the United States. It matters little who is writing or using word press what is of extreme gravity is KIllary killed four men Ty Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doughtery, and Chris Stevens. This was NOT a Bombing like those killed under Bush watch. People like Laurie care little about facts they prefer fictionalized versions of the real story.

      1. Laurie says:

        Interesting you use the word cover up. Like when the Bush Admin covered up the fact they were warned by the Clinton Admin and others about the 9/11 threat? You mean that one? Or the cover up that it was proven there were no weapons of mass destruction and they continued to lie and wow – now we have ISIS and violence that caused this incident. You mean those types of cover ups? Frankly there was NO cover up. It was confusion. To say that they knew it was terrorist attack while it was occurring… fine, but there was nothing to be done at that point. They were getting information and had decipher through it. Give an f’in break.

        1. Bob says:

          Like when Bill Clinton had 3 chances to kill Bin Ladin and didn’t? like when Hillary voted for the use of military force in Iraq? like when the Syrian truck driver testified he personally drove trucks full of WMD’s from Iraq to Syria? like when Hillary was directly responsible for the deaths of 3 American patriots and an ambassador? Hillary has Blood on her hands, that is american patriot blood and it dont was off. trump is going to hit her so hard with that, she wont know what hit her. And lefty Grubers like Laurie will hate every minute of it.

  11. Vangel says:

    The problem is that Judicial Watch has ignored the role played by the US in the creation of ISIS. One of the CIA documents pointed out that the West, Turkey, and the Gulf States were assisting the extremists and hoping to establish a Salafist state in Syria. The Left ignores it because it portrays Obama in a bad light. The Right ignores it because it hurts the war party narrative.

  12. Miss says:

    If anyone thinks that the democratic system and their msm protectors, are going to start releasing
    truths about their “heros” ,,think again. My money is on, >nothing will be done< to expose these scum, or, their lies.

  13. Carl says:

    For the record, Senator Rand Paul in fact stood up to HC during her testimony to the investigating committee, and told her point blank that he would have fired her for her failure in the Benghazi scandal. If my recollection is correct, I believe he was the only one who confronted her directly in this manner.

  14. Bob says:

    Why is there no real discussion on impeaching Prez Ø?

  15. Jay says:

    Obama governs like his ancestors from the continent of Africa. He ignores the Constitution and the court rulings which have held him in contempt. He has no honor or integrity; he is a habitual liar and will have no one in his administration that is not willing to follow in his footsteps. That includes Loretta Lynch. Everyone around Obama must practice deceit and dishonesty and the art of the “habitual lie”: Lynch has demonstrated this in her confirmation hearing and shown that she is more than willing to go along.

    Obama’s style of government is derived directly from the bowels of Africa. History tells us that: “Africa by the end of the 1980s, was renowned for its Big Men, dictators who strutted the stage, tolerating neither opposition nor dissent, rigging elections, emasculating the courts, cowing the press, stifling the universities, demanding abject servility and making themselves exceedingly rich.” If you look closely you do not see one thing in this list that Obama is not guilty of, plus he has made the following point time and time again.

    As the tyrant, Banda, of the African nation, Malawi, said: “‘I want to be blunt, As long as I am here and you say I must be your president, you have to do what I want, what I like, and not what you like and you want. Kamuzu is in charge. That is my way.’”

    Everyone who has paid attention has seen Obama talk and act in this manner and reasonable people can conclude this describes Obama and his style of Government to a “T”.

  16. Bob says:

    We currently have a lying Democrat POTUS. We cannot have Hillary as another lying Democrat POTUS. Our nation will not be able to survive under two consecutive liars. We must defeat her.

  17. Annie says:

    My question is: Why has Congress not file formal charges against Clinton and Obama for this outright blatant lie, that took the lives of four Americans?? Are we so blinded that from the very beginning, everything has been a cover-up and nobody has done a thing to bring justice and peace of mind for the families of the loved ones lost??

  18. Glenda says:

    What they knew that no one is talking about NOW but ONE SENATOR talked about when this was fresh was how this administration was, with the help of the man who was killed in this attack, as I remember it being told, that there was a GUNS for TERRORISTS in some country being handled in Benghazi…like the Mexian border fiaso that the so alled DEFENSE DEPT. helped put over which they lied about and said was a STING to catch drug traffickers.

  19. Steve says:

    I don’t doubt that this information is true, but I have sadly resigned to the fact that, because of race, gender and political party of the perpetrators, the lame-stream media won’t say a word about this, and the jelly-spined RINOs inCongress won’t do a thing about it.

  20. William says:

    The White House and now some democratic Congressional leaders have gone to extremes to suppress any evidence in this scandal. This alone is an indication that this matter is highly sensitive to those who are concealing the truth in this matter.

    Americans deserve the answers to the following questions:
    1. What happened to the 400 Stinger surface-to-air missiles that Clinton’s State department gave to the “rebels” in Libya?
    2. What happened to the 15,000 surface-to-air missiles from Gadaffi’s stockpile that have now been accounted?
    3. Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on September 11, 2012?

    Once we know the truth regarding these questions, we will understand why these individuals are trying to hide the truth from us.

  21. Daniel says:

    Well Well, there goes Hillarys dreams of being President as this is going to sink her fat arse! There is no way the liberal left can explain this away.

  22. Chris says:

    The real problem is,after lying about what happened that night, and having the man who made the video locked up. Then ordering a $5 million propaganda/apology movie to reinforce her false claims, as if to say “See my lies must be true,I wouldn’t spend tax payer money unless it was true” Ha!

  23. ronald says:

    I have been trying to tell people to take notice of the actions of Hillary and the whitehouse. Alinsky students are in the house, and they are trying to to take control. Ask yourself, who is working for who? We should be telling them what we want done.
    The war with Islam jihadist is not over, it will continue. If you think all you have to do is; talk and text, play games, [email protected] the mall, and collect a check, think again, the people that want to kill you and put under their laws are already here. Wake up, they are bound by their own belief to destroy all America stands for. A sinful nation will fall into it’s own mire. Prophet Ron

  24. Luci says:

    Ashamed? Not of THIS Administration! Lead by an unvetted, unknown, unskilled, inexperienced, uneducated, novice without credentials or legal ID? NO! But I am TOTALLY ashamed of a Country of NITWITS who were so AWED, mesmerized, bought, cajoled, impressed, talked INTO, or WEAK, that they didn’t CARE that he wasn’t qualified, or lost sight of what made our Country GREAT one or the other! The Conservatives are the ones that SHOULD have yelled so loud they ended up sounding like a pond full of FROGS! But they didn’t! The Rhino’s, who turned traitor, falling all over themselves to please the Democrats, just wanted to be with the “IN” CROWD! The Republicans, who asked a few questions, got screamed at for being RACIST, then went running into the corner like three year old kids on Halloween! NOW, WHAT did it get us? WE should be ashamed of OURSELVES! Every, last dad-burned ONE of us! NOT this inept Administration, which hasn’t known what they were doing since they’ve BEEN there! But US, who knew it from the FIRST, but put them there anyway! We deserve what we got!

  25. WVF says:

    There is no reason to litigate this awful occurrence again in this blog. Those of us whom are thinking people know that Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton and Barack Barry Insane Soetero Obama are responsible for what happened to those four brave Americans. Hitlery will let you die at the drop of a Hat, and BHO could care less about anything other than promoting Muslim Islamic extremist goals and objectives. Let’s all sit back and let Congressman Trey Gowdy and his committee do their job. Hitlery is going to suffer irreparable political damage when Gowdy and the team are finished, because she will be finished as well.

  26. Delbert says:

    They have all this evidence on obumer, Hillary, holder, etc.; why are they not in jail? Can’t the senate/congress be the judge? I know most judges are corrupt, but there must be one that would sign an arrest warrant.

  27. Fred says:

    I was immediately alarmed when several other countries removed their embassy staffs from Libya but we did not follow suit at such a close proximity to 9/11. My wife and I both wondered if this was not a very dangerous move on Hillary’s part. As more info came to the light of day it looks more and more like she wanted the Ambassador out of the way. There was no appropriate response to the murder of an US Ambassador on foreign soil ever.

  28. Jim says:

    As I read the comments here I cannot help but notice that none of you bothered to read the story or connect the timeline. Nothing here that has not been known and admitted for a long long time.

  29. Jim says:

    Not exactly earth shattering news is it. In fact it has been known for a long time and is pretty much meaningless. Yet again you read only the headline.

  30. Brian says:

    Regardless of the philosophical differences and reaction about “meaning,” of the data in Judicial Watch’s charges, one thing remains abundantly clear: the administration’s knowledge of the events at the time and the cover up are truly indicative of how opaque and deceitful this Administration is: not solely about the events at Benghazi, but in all the various scandals and the continuing obfuscation of Investigations effected by the sitting Attorney General. This is without doubt, the LEAST transparent and most lawless Administration in American history and IT should be Congressionally investigated from the President on down and, if guilt is established of specified charges to be determined as the RESULT of said investigations, ALL those involved should be FULLY AND COMPLETELY PUNISHED IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE CONSTITUTIONAL PENALTIES PREVIOUSY ESTABLISHED AND ADHERED TO BY PRIOR ADMINISTRATIONS.,
    AS IS THEIR DUTY AND OBLIGATION UNDER THE RULE OF LAW! All involved NEED to be held both responsible and accountable for their decisions. Period.

  31. darylj46 says:

    I am ashamed that Americans would allow the corruption to go on this long. Those of us that have brains have been saying that this was all a coverup since it came out. I still don’t think anything will get done on it.

  32. Ken says:

    The occurrence was an American travesty. The obfuscation & cover up is an unforgivable demonstration of incompetence, cowardice, obfuscation & outright lying. Good men men were abandoned that night to die because all of the main “characters” attempting to cover up the real purpose of Benghazi and their involvement. They watched in real time & did nothing .. Except to scurry around attempting to get their cover stories aligned. There are many ” cockroaches ” involved in this & many remain in the crevices while others try to return to the dark corners. ALL of them need to have the bright light shined on them & whatever they did or didn’t do needs to be exposed; including false denials. Benghazi needs to be examined as exhaustively as Watergate. There was no loss of life, Government ( taxpayer funded) property or illegal International acts in the “3rd rate” burglary that had every lead investigated & studied, including ” trysts ” on the Capitol steps.

  33. Doris says:

    I think Obama and H Clinton are hiding more than the Benghazing attack…I think the ambassador knew something they did not want the people in the US to know. Probably the connection between Obama and the brotherhood. ..Maybe because Obama and H Clinton were supplying them with our weapons. We should be holding them both accountable for treason and the deaths of the Americans who died there.

  34. John A. says:

    Gee you mean hillary, rice and the remainder of this administration lied, who would have thunk that.

  35. HOFFHACK says:

    Well well well! The plot thickens! While I am sure the press will bend over backwards to save Hillary, just like the “swift boat” issue for “Lurch”, she will not be able to suppress the PAC’s from having a field day with this. And any Vet who votes for her needs Medication!

  36. Pete says:

    Hillary is a liar, Obama is a liar! Liberal/Socialist Democrats are all liars! Some of the American voters back these liars because they like their messages about utopia and unicorns! The ignorant and useless always back the ignorant and useless politicians!

    1. HOFFHACK says:

      You nailed it!

  37. June says:

    NO, not ashamed, but angered and horrified that these groveling cowards have been allowed to get away with treason for over two years! They must ALL be brought to justice, but I fear they won’t be, because we have a Congress of cowards and a “sick joke” for DOJ!

  38. Jerry says:

    At this point what difference doe’s it Make. I KILLED FOUR AMERICANS AND I’M PROUD OF IT !!!!!!!!!

  39. Ineptocracy says:

    And just think. The same socialist pinheads who put Obama in the WH twice want this as the new POTUS..

  40. JJ says:

    Ashamed, disgusted, angry…you name it. I think most of us had a feeling about this the whole time, knowing there was likely lies behind everything. Are there going to be any arrest or are they going to get away with all of this? That’s my question.

  41. Marc says:

    Hillary Clinton gave her “testimony” on the Benghazi murder cover-up. It was on a par with her grand jury testimony in connection with “the lost paperwork” showing her criminal acts while working in her Little Rock law office. She then had declared 145 times “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember” in the course of that 2-hour “testimony” – that’s more than once every minute. The incriminating paperwork was held by her former lover Vince Foster in his White House office; a rather flimsily arranged “suicide” of Foster was accompanied by an illegal taking by the Hilary’s agents of those papers. Years later that paperwork was “suddenly discovered” in Hillary’s bedroom and was burned. When some mildly disapproving Republicans asked her why the administration found it necessary to lie about that Benghazi affair for several months she answered: “What does it matter now?” Well – of all those limp-fisted RINO’s there was not a single one with courage to say: “It matters because you, Madam Secretary, lied to the American people while knowing full well the truth”! Also, she had embraced the grieving family members of those dead Americans – what do you want her to do more? Otherwise the Democrats in that committee gushed repeatedly about “our best Secretary of State ever”. After all, she took the responsibility for those 4 murdered Americans – didn’t she? However, she did not find it necessary to resign her position; in other words it was just empty posturing. That Benghazi murder by some out-of-control members of the Obama-installed Libyan jihadist government has now been whitewashed forever. The purpose of that Benghazi outpost was to channel ground-to-air missiles to the Al-Qaeda led Syrian jihadist rebels (Sunnis like Obama) via Turkey. But the fact remains that the “Arab Spring” program designed by Obama to bring Sunni jihadist governments to Muslim countries was delayed there for a while. No RINO asked her this question – what was the purpose of that Benghazi outpost? What is worse is that today in 2015 that criminal is the far-away favorite in the presidential elections next year.

  42. chrispmis says:

    It’s the republicans in the House and Senate who need to subpoena anyone connected with covering up the attack and calling it something else. Get these people under oath and get their statements on record. Then if it’s found out that they lied under oath they can be arrested. If Obama’s Justice Department won’t arrest people for perjury then that’s more ammunition to fire at the democrat candidate in 2016 to show that they can’t be trusted.

  43. drbhelthi says:

    Wm. and Hit. Clinton are CIA operatives, as is the alias, Barack H. Obama. They follow the orders of their Illuminati-NAZI leadership. Details at the location of the following link document that the CIA is a NAZI organization and the BND is the CIA extension office in Germany. GOTO: http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=44&contentid=3611&page=2

  44. David says:

    Say goodbye to a Clinton presidency, especially one who is married to the First Pedophile.

  45. Michael says:

    All the evidence in the world and there will be nothing done. Hillary is protected as usual hate to say it but nothing will come of this.

  46. Herald says:

    I’m glad incredible research is exposing the corrupt administration, but what irritates me more is the constant announcements here and on myriads of similar sites of “THIS BREAKING NEWS,” or, “SO AND SO SLAMS SO AND SO,”——and tomorrow we’ll hear the same trumpet, sounding the same knell with the same results—namely, the dulling of the senses of all who read this garbage. I lean as far to the right as any who’s ever lived, but bloated headlines do tightened buttlines exhume.

  47. Mike says:

    The CCB which is comprised of retired military officers , Seals, Marines , Airforce , Army & Navy officers , did their research and talked to witnesses , who were directly involved with what happened that day. Not Politicians so these Gov’t employees felt more at ease to talk without losing their jobs . They are expressing concerns , wanting to make sure the TREY GOWDY investigations are not compromised by the GOP . These charges of treason and lying To Congress and arming the enemy are very serious , especially when impeachment charges are mentioned. Hillary Clinton was asked point Blank in her testimony to Congress , if she knew anything about the arming of Jihadist Libyans and the shipping of arms by Boat via Turkey to the Rebels fighting Assad in Syria. Some of those rebels who have joined ISIS.

  48. Mike says:

    Also released by the Citizen Commission on Benghazi (CCB) , that Obama & Secretary Hillary Clinton & the State Department switched on who the terrorist were they were fighting. Ambassador Stevens was managing the arming of Jihadist Libyans through the Compound in Benghazi , Was also overseeing the shipment of arms via Turkey into Syria to the rebels fighting Assad. Obama & Hillary & the State Department were arming the enemy , which falls into the category of Articles of Impeachment which is treason . Never did Obama or Hillary ever tried to get authority to do this from the Congress. The best seller Book 13 Hours on September 11,2012 before the attack on the Benghazi Compound , Ambassador Stevens had dinner with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin – CIA Director William Casey said that the Gun Running operation Stevens managed is a secret the Obama White House & Clinton State Department has sought to suppress from the Citizens & taxpayers .

  49. Stephen says:

    This is criminal and ny even be classified as treason. Something needs to be done about the continued criminal acts by Obama and his administration. I think hanging would be a good place to start. I didn’t serve my country to have these types of things to be allowed to happen and be covered up.

  50. Dale says:

    What difference does it make? No one is going to do anything about it.

  51. Mj says:


  52. Larry says:

    This cover up was not specifically for Hillary’s sake, it was to protect Obama in the 2012 election. The continued lies and cover up kept the truth about Obama’s involvement as well as Hillary’s. They stole the 2012 elections with lies and cover up. We can fix that in 2016.

  53. Jose says:

    I will believe all this BS when they start indicting Hillary and others . For know is only News Media sensationalism BS .

  54. Nancy says:

    First, look at that pic of Hillary at the top and look on her desk at the name sign : HONORABLE, well, we know that’s not true. Shes not an honorable person by any means. I wish I could go there and take my magic marker and cross out that word on top of her name!

  55. Cathy says:

    Didn’t some committee in Congress conclude there was nothing they could find to render guilt on the part of State Department? I get this all the time from comments coming ftom liberals.

  56. Ted says:

    Two things, the article states “…but rather a coordinated assault by Islamist terrorists on the US Embassy in Tunisia.” As previously stated in the article the attack was on the embassy in Libya.

    The DSCC memo states ““On September 11, 2012, violent demonstrations took place at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya…” While I believe the “blame it on a video” was a poorly contrived spin attempt, I don’t think this memo is the smoking gun that Judicial Watch is touting it to be. The problem is that the memo states that these were violent demonstrations. That supports the Administrations account as they have been saying all along that it was a protest that got out of hand.

    I think that we got caught with our pants down. I think that the State Department was negligent to take care in providing Ambassador Stevens with the security that he requested. I think the analysts failed to identify a threat in a very dangerous and dynamic threat environment. I think the video spin after the attack was a case of bias. The Administration latched onto what was one of probably a dozen reports as to what was inflaming these protesters because it fit their political needs at the time. I think that the whole thing has been handled very poorly and that this is an example of what happens when you put incompetent people in charge of anything.

    1. Deloris says:

      @Ted: Yes it is a smoking gun. The DSCC put out that false narrative about the violent protests when they, in fact, knew that at Benghazi, the attack was a real attack by terrorists. That is what the testimony by DSCC person under oath stated, yet the DSCC had put out the false claim that it was all about some stupid video made by a man almost a year prior. I’ll bet that he was paid well to take that fall. Even more, they kept telling the military to stand-down. They got Stevens killed, probably not intentionally, but something like ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal that got pushed under the rug. They were up to something, but we haven’t found out what – yet.

  57. Chuck says:

    So….when will Mr. Gowdy force her to testify before his committee investigating the truth about what happened that night? She needs to reveal the facts under oath and be held accountable for what she says. She needs to be questioned like an independent prosecutor would before a grand jury.

  58. Lucille says:

    Of course it’s her fault. This article didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. It’s shameful arresting a man for making a silly u tube video and trying to blame him for four people getting murdered. It’s shameful that people’s selfishness and politics come first so they can be elected to government offices. Nothings going to come of this, and Hillary will get away with all of it.

    1. Peter says:

      Article is poorly written, has incorrect dates, confuses Tunis and Tunisia and Libya. This is not a bombshell; they lied about this because it doesn’t fit their agenda or their previous statements, but we’ve known about that for a couple of years now. They always lie; ‘What difference does it make?’ Well with enough repetition it may keep Hellery out of the White House.

  59. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, the Lame Stream Media will cover up for these two as usual. Nothing will come of it I’m afraid.

  60. Brenda says:

    Why have there not been any arrest on Hillary, not just for not knowing, but also that she lied about it and claimed it was a video, that caused a man to be jailed, what about his life, and all that he has been though, not one cares

    1. Rick Flash says:

      Aren’t you wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to create a scandal out of this? They’ve looked and looked and can’t find any wrongdoing. That’s why nobody has been arrested. How can the media cover up a Republican-led investigation? And why can’t right-wingers spell and use proper English? If you need a lesson in the English language, feel free to visit a more liberal website.

      1. 'jake says:

        why do you axz’ho liberals have to worry about someone’s English/Grammer, yet refuse to accept the obvious data – Hillary KNEW.

        sweep yo’mammas basement and have a ‘nuther K-aid.

        1. Bob says:

          Liberals cannot argue the content so they have to bully the person to get their way.

          1. Lenny Wood+ says:

            Rick Flash- Oh sure the Rev. Sharktank sure has mastered the English language. And he is a Lib that is on TV. Although I turned on his show once and immediately doubled his audience.
            And Chrissy Matthews is quite the linguist when he talks about the chill that BHO sends up his legs.And BHO himself uses good grammar when he lies about keeping your healthplan. And is “smidgen” even a word?

      2. WVF says:

        Obviously, you need more than lessons in English.

    2. Leland says:

      Don’t let this pathetic, lib’tard, troll, loser get you worked up. Notice how you can’t actually click on his name? Even this site considers him a no-body. ROFL!!! Here is your Rick Flash (A.K.A CANDYBOY2)


      He isn’t even cool enough to be “CANDYBOY1” or just straight up “CANDYBOY”. This is the true face and mentality of a liberal. Whether they are Russian or American, they are all the same, destined to be a waste of space. Later!

    3. 1776Liberal says:

      There is never an arrest or admonishment for a high powered Lib/Marxist/Progressive because their feel good “intent” related to the cause is what matters rather than the lives of people or the good/harm to the nation.

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