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Ted Cruz

A long-time political insider just made a bombshell announcement about conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is running for President.

This Republican operative, who has worked on 9 different presidential cycles, couldn’t keep it quiet any longer after being in talks with key leaders of Cruz’s and Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) campaigns.

The insider is Roger Stone. He once worked for Donald Trump, and passed along his report to a popular radio host that Cruz used a high-priced attorney to confidentially request that Rubio’s team promise Cruz a Supreme Court appointment in exchange for Cruz exciting the race. This is in addition to recent reports that the candidates’ wives have been in contact, discussing why someone dropping out is essential.

This is unprecedented, but Cruz has to be well aware that the political establishment is lining up behind Rubio. Fox News has a pro-Rubio tilt, and the powerful Koch brothers just sent a number of their top operatives to Team Rubio in hopes of defeating Trump during a contentious convention fight.

Cruz has been a bold conservative voice in the United States Senate who has been willing to filibuster Obamacare and take on his own party. But while he’s a constitutional scholar with solid principles, it’s clear that after his team messed with Dr. Ben Carson, he is also willing to play dirty tricks.

However, those tricks haven’t changed Trump’s nearly insurmountable lead, and Cruz doesn’t want to face even more legal battles about his former dual-citizenship with Canada. Cruz, who is a former Supreme Court law clerk, may see a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court as the perfect exit strategy!

As Roger Stone once noted about Cruz, he is the ultimate Nixonian politician:

Vladimir Lenin said, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.”

I can’t think of a better description of Ted Cruz’s relationship with the DC-Wall Street Establishment – Cruz being the scoundrel of course. Cruz’s claim of not being a tool of the political elite is like Bill Clinton telling the world, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” […]

Despite his ability to lie with a straight face (sadly Nixonian) on his support for amnesty and TPP, he got nailed by Senator Marco Rubio on the debate. Acting like a prick in the U.S. Senate was the core of Ted’s disciplined effort to bury his old school ties and reinvent himself as a modern-day Jesse Helms and supposed Conservative outsider. It’s a ruse.

It’s clear that something dramatic has to happen this week, with 12 primary elections happening on Super Tuesday. Without deals like this, nothing can stop the Trump Train.

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