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BREAKING: Sarah Palin Just Made A MAJOR Trump Announcement!!

Sarah Palin

Former Alaska Governor and conservative hero Sarah Palin took direct aim at “spineless pundits” who oppose Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily stop all Muslim immigration into America.

Palin didn’t hold back, and praised Trump as a “bold, non-politican” candidate who is willing to speak the truth about terrorism.

Palin opined, “Herd mentality running rampant with hypocritical and/or naive pundits trying to crush Donald Trump because he’s committed to clobbering the bad guys.” She’s fed up with political correctness, and is “all in” for profiling immigrants who come to America.

After all, “When information shows someone comes to America after being in a radical Islamic stronghold, and embraces the Death Cult’s ideology that mandates butchering the innocent – then we are right in calling for shucking the political correctness that is fundamentally transforming America, and finally putting the security of innocent Americans FIRST.”

Palin reminded us that America has a long history of banning whomever they deem a threat from entering America, just like President Jimmy Carter “rounded up Iranian students” during the hostage crisis.

She noted, “While the media twists and turns words, conservatives who propose action to combat the real threat facing America are demonized while the namby-pamby milquetoast politicians get a pass to go along their unaccountable merry way.”

Here is Sarah’s full post from Facebook:

Sarah Palin

This is perhaps the boldest defense of Trump yet from a conservative movement leader. Thank you, Sarah Palin, for standing up for the defense of America!

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