BREAKING: Retired Army General Says Obama Guilty of THESE ‘Treasonous Activities’


Retired U.S. Army Major General and senior military analyst for Fox News, Paul Vallely, appearing on a radio show known as The Real Side, said that high-ranking members of the military need to hold President Obama accountable for his actions during the Benghazi attack, as well as for his relations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

If they don’t, Vallely claims those military leaders need to be replaced.

When pressed on what to do once Obama simply replaces those leaders with one’s that will do his bidding, the military man stated “then we arrest him for treasonous activities.”

You can listen to the entire interview below …

Via Western Journalism:

The program’s host, Joe Messina, asked whether Obama would just replace those military leaders with others who agree with him, as he has done several times in the past.

Vallely responded: “Well then we arrest him for treasonous activities.” He noted that the group he helps lead, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, counts at least fourteen different actions the president has taken that could be considered treasonous.

The general listed bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against President el-Sisi in Egypt, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Syria among the acts amounting to treason.

Vallely went on to explain that Obama flatly and plainly sympathizes with terrorist organizations.

“We know he’s a radical Islamic sympathizer. He sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood,” he admitted.

Believe it or not, the retired Army General wasn’t even vaguely finished.

Vallely went on to say the President is a “coward,” a “loser,” and “has no heart.”

He finished by saying “I’m tired of the deceit, the lies, the deception of this administration.”

We all are, Mr. Vallely.  We all are.  But who in power has the courage to start fighting this man’s fundamental transformation of our nation?

Comment – Simple question – Do you think Obama should be arrested for treason?


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