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BREAKING: Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton… ARRESTED And Charged!

Hillary Clinton

We’re happy to report that after 147 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents have been working on the case… they are finally slapping the cuffs on Hillary Clinton!

Spending a lifetime as a politician and drifter, Hillary and her husband former President Bill Clinton found out they aren’t really above the law after all. The Clinton Foundation was used to take multi-million dollar bribes from foreign entities for action at the State Department, and that was too much even for the Obama White House to tolerate.

Media is waiting for her to be brought to the prison now in an orange jump suit. Finally, Hillary Clinton is getting was she deserved!




Just Kidding… APRIL FOOLS!


We all know that Hillary Clinton will be protected by President Barack Obama, no matter what. It’s true Hillary Clinton illegally transmitted classified data over a home-operated email server. She also is responsible for the needless deaths at the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya. During the past four decades, the Clinton scandals range from investment fraud, sex scandals, criminal harassment of Bill’s women, and perhaps actual murder… However, law enforcement doesn’t seem eager to prosecute.

Hillary Clinton would have been arrested months ago if she was a Republican.


Happy April Fools, everybody!