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BREAKING: Police Shot in THIS STATE, Hostages Taken… ACTIVE SHOOTER ALERT (Video)

houston shooting

In Houston, Texas, a 39-year-old is screaming suicidal comments while firing dozens of shoots at police officers from a motel. Some shots were being fired through the side walls of his room. One shot grazed a male who was staying in another room.

This is horrible!

A man fired dozens of rounds at officers while holding a woman hostage at a motel in northwest Houston, police said early Thursday.

The standoff began around 2 a.m. at the Baron Inn motel on W. 34th east of Highway 290. A woman called 911 and told police she was behind held against her will.

Police said as soon as officers and SWAT team members arrived, the suspect started firing shots at them with an SKS rifle and a pistol.

“They knock on the door and moments later they’re fired upon,” HPD spokesman John Cannon said.

He allegedly refused to come out of one of the motel rooms while keeping the woman held up inside.


Chron.com has more details:

Police said officers were initially sent to the scene for a welfare check after a kidnapping was reported. They said the man was barricaded in one room at the motel and was holding a woman against her will.
Later, the woman left the room safely but the man refused to come outside. He was believed to have an assault rifle and at least one other gun. During the standoff, the man fired gunshots at the officers.

This is a breaking news story. We will share more details as they become available.