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BREAKING: Phil Robertson Just Made A Bombshell Trump Announcement!

Phil Robertson

The patriarch of Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family has made a major announcement about the 2016 elections. He will endorse conservative businessman Donald J. Trump for President!

A famous reality show star and former supporter of Senator Ted (Cruz), Phil Robertson – an Evangelical Christian who isn’t afraid to speak his mind – will join his son Willie in supporting Trump “enthusiastically” as a loyal Republican.

He made the announcement during an interview for “Torchbearer,” a documentary film Robertson is starring in, which is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival.

Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson will support Donald Trump in the fall despite endorsing his rival Ted Cruz four months ago, he said Monday.

The reality TV star told DailyMail.com that ‘I’ll be enthusiastically behind him.’

‘Wow! Such a great honor to have Phil’s endorsement,’ the Republican front-runner responded Tuesday.

‘His son, Willie, has become a great friend of my son, Don. What a great family.’

Robertson’s son Willie, now the CEO of Phil’s ‘Duck Commander’ company, crossed his father in January to endorse Trump early on in the Republican primary process.

Via Daily Mail

Phil Robertson

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