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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Summer says:

    “Now, it’s a supposed violation of civil rights by not allowing strange men to spend time in the women’s restroom with young girls. Parents should be shocked and outraged.”

    Thank you.

  2. Eric says:

    So, If I told you (as a child attending high school), that I identify as ‘feline’ and you refused to provide me with a litter-box, would that be discrimination? I’d understand it if I went through kitty-reassignment surgery, but otherwise… we can’t all be beholden to the land of make-believe.

  3. Angie says:

    This saga began when the Mayor of Charlotte, NC and the Charlotte City Council decided to pass an ordinance allowing men in the women’s shower, bathrooms and changing rooms if they felt like they were a woman.
    The governor came to the rescue of the women and children whose rights were being violated by this ordinance and passed HB2.

  4. John says:

    The HIV rate will be going up The LGBT love this…Eight year of hell with this man…(dirtandmoredirt com)

  5. Malissa says:

    I don’t care how you label it….it is NOT fair that just because a man decides he is a female, does NOT give him/her the right to ignore my rights as a God born female, that has kids and grandkids!!!! PERIOD! Why all of the sudden these groups of people are crying for the use of a universal bathroom? You are not at a campground or a fair or anyplace that has a port-a-let. You are in the common core belt of common sense. Stop forcing your beliefs on the majority of the people.

  6. Dawn says:

    Do Y’all realize that transexualism goes in both directions? This bill means that a person who was born a woman, but is now fully transgendered into a man, even with functioning “boy-parts” (yes, that is possible these days) is now FORCED to use the women’s room, too, according to this bill? Why can’t we just use common sense and let everyone pee in peace? There are “predators” on the street corners as much as in the public restrooms.

  7. Michael says:

    If North Carolina implements their bathroom law (H.B. 2). Who writes these stories? This illegal law has been in effect for over a month now.
    This has nothing to do with Obama and a left wing agenda. It happens to be a violation of civil rights. It has been law since 1964

  8. Ronald says:

    The law says that men use men’s bathrooms and women use women’s bathrooms–Where is the discrimination?

  9. Diana says:

    What too many idiots don’t realise is that male to female transgenders are no longer MEN in the classic sense of the word. We as women have ALL shared a public restroom with a transsexual and never knew it! They take female hormones to lessen body hair, grow breasts (and many have had breast enlargement surgery), & those same hormones basically render a certain part of their anatomy USELESS! Transsexual does not equal pedophile-its a whole different thing. These WOMEN would be in great danger of beatings & oral/anal rape if they entered the public restrooms matching their birth gender. They have NO intention of doing anything in women’s restrooms except the same thing that the rest of us are doing-relieving ourselves. They aren’t pretenders with hairy legs, faces & armpits wearing badly fitting dresses & stumbling in women’s shoes trying to get into women’s restrooms. Come on, we as women know the difference! There has yet to be ONE report of a transsexual in a women’s restroom attempting to attack us or our daughters-HOWEVER, there are thousands upon thousands of reports of naturally born MEN attacking young boys in public men’s restrooms, so that should tell us all who is the REAL danger to your kiddies! I gladly welcome transsexuals into any public restroom I use with no concern or fear. These are WOMEN & think like women, not like male pedophiles! Your fears are seriously misplaced, people!

    1. Meredith says:

      My concern is not about transgenders who’ve undergone the hormonal and surgical procedures you described. It’s with men experiencing gender confusion who may potentially exploit the law to gain access to women, kids, and to a lesser extent men. We’re fortunate at our local Target- they solved potential problems by converting previously family restrooms to unisex, I’m sure due to pressure by surrounding high-end condos, businesses, churches, and a seminary. However, there’s been an uptick in homeless mentally ill wandering the streets nearby and due to the location of a metro stop (police resport). Rite Aid and other businesses have had to lock restrooms, requiring customers to get a key, because of loitering and littering in restrooms. They wander through parking lots checking car doors (observed) and scream obcenities at recycling center customers and folks walking on the sidewalk. We simply don’t know what types of other behavior might be associated with their disabilities, thus unlimited access to restrooms is potentially risky for everyone. I understand your support for the transgender community but laws will affect others whose motivations aren’t as honest and should be considered carefully to protect a majority of the population.

    2. yo says:

      The problem with that is not all of them are happy little trannies who are just going in to do their business. There is large percentage of a different type of freak that will use trans friendly bathrooms to get in and take advantage of young girls and women.

      “We” seriously misplaced people could care less what some freak tranny thinks. We are going to protect our daughters and sons from people like you.

    3. Zi says:

      Diana, as I understand it’s not only the surgically transformed men-to-women who will be allowed to use the women’s bathrooms but also any man who claims that he feels like a woman. This is what’s causing concerns by parents of young girls. I think it is with this concern that North Carolina instituted a law against it. Would you like to have a physically 100% complete male share bathroom the you? The omnipotent Emperor Obama is using his heavy-hand to oppress N. C., threatening to cut off their blood support. It’s a shame.

    4. Ted says:

      Wonderful…Your a bleeding heart liberal…Top Dr.s and shrinks everywhere call this a disease that destroys these people…So I guess you have young children and your perfectly comfortable with the situation…Good for you….The problem is the sick perverts that will try to take advantage…It opens up avenues for them…Not necessarily transgendered but sickos…That is the problem…

      1. Michael says:

        Hey Ted. Before this illegal bill became law in an end around move without any review or vetting from the public. HB2 is more than a bathroom bill but I won’t get in to that. All HB2 did was scare people to something that has been going on for years and no one made anything of it.
        As a man I would be more afraid using the mens room and have some strange guy standing next to me and looking down at me. Don’t forget all the perverted Catholic priests who declared open season on little boys. So get over it

    5. Angie says:

      Diana, “male to female transgenders are no longer MEN in the classic sense of the word” aren’t affected by HB2 then. Men who have the surgery may come in the women’s room if they have their birth certificate changed. If you mean they still have a penis.. then the ARE men in the most classic sense of the word

    6. Task says:

      So if I say that I’m a woman, and come defecate in the stall next to you, then begin to stroke my penis – but pretend it’s a vagina – then its ok right?I’ll just leave the stall door cracked in hopes that passers by will see me stroking my “vagina” that just happens to be in the shape of a penis. Maybe once I can afford surgery or hormones I will stop thinking like a man, with testosterone, but in the meantime, I’ll have to make due with what I’ve got with the opportunities afforded me by the federal government. Don’t be mad when I stand next to you at the sink and helicopter my thing at myself in the mirror. There’s really no such thing as gender so it doesn’t matter if your kids see me doing that. Consider it sex education… which shouldn’t even matter because sex doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct. You just pick what you want to be.

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  11. Amy says:

    I am with you. Lifelong Democrat and feminist. How can anyone make a claim to being for women’s rights and support this erasure of female identity. Outlaw HRT!

  12. Lillian says:

    he needs to go, one way or another.

  13. Guy says:

    I have a simple solution!! Enough of us gun carriers vow to put a cap in ANY MAN trying to walk in behind our daughter, wife, grandaughter, etc, then maybe, just maybe no SICKTARD would dare try it!!

  14. Susan says:

    The Constitution gives the States the rights to make their own rules and he does not have the right to withhold federal funds from schools without the senate or congresses approval. He is overstepping his bounds again and needs to be impeached. I also would be willing to help anyone find laws to help defeat the President in his outspoken attempts to dictate peoples actions.. I am an unemployed paralegal and I would love a challenge.

    1. Zi says:


      You are right. I am with you. I will help you do that. That dictator knows no bound. He needs to be impeached a long time ago

      1. Michael says:

        lol keep waiting. I am still waiting for GWB and Cheney to be brought on trial as war criminals

  15. Regina says:

    WTH!!!!! I will NOT go to any store that enables perverts to go into which ever bathroom they want. I am a concerned mother and will boycott any establishment that allows this. Imagine your daughters sharing a bathroom with a man. Feel comfortable with that? I also will NOT have my school age children going to a school that implements this stupidity. Obama says it infringes on the “Federal” civil rights of transgenders. What about “Federal” civil rights of women?

    1. Zi says:

      Thousands of customers denounced and boycutted Target store because the store implemented the disguesting bathroom policy. I did not make my opinion heard. I just don’t shop there anymore.

    2. MustGoFishin says:

      Regina: Imagine your daughters sharing a bathroom with a man. Feel comfortable with that?
      Does your husband have to go out to the outhouse to relieve himself or shave? Oops your husband may be a women in man’s clothing.
      Both major hospitals in my town have cross-gender restrooms.

  16. Navy Veteran says:

    Obama wants to be sure that him and Bill Clinton can enjoy a quick eyeful.

  17. Lloyd says:

    I think it is breaking the civil rights of women by letting men go in the women’s restroom. We live in a democracy so it needs to be put to a vote. The loser will just have to deal with it. In a democracy the majority rules so no matter who wins that’s the way it is. When you are breaking the civil rights of different people you go by the majority. That way less peoples right are violated. If you can’t make both happy then you vote.

    1. Regina says:

      We haven’t lived in a Democracy since Oshama came into office.

      1. Chuck says:

        We have never lived in a Democracy.. We live in a Constitutional Republic!!

  18. Mary says:

    Blackmail. nothing else, bottom line. I’m not surprised. He’s setting up the next president whoever He/She turns out to be. Hillary won’t have to deal with the issue, and Trump would have to reverse it..

    1. Shirley says:

      odumbo is a cancer on this country,and needs to be sitting in a prison cell,along with hitlery.

  19. Gail says:

    I live in NC and I don’t care how you pee, this is NOT a “bathroom” bill. This is a law that keeps men and boys out of the shower and locker rooms of our daughters elementary and high schools. It is a LAW that keeps men and boys out of the showers and locker rooms of our daughters in the YMCA!! It is a LAW that keeps men and boys out of the women’s homeless shelters!!!! As women we have shared the bathroom with gays in drag and trans for years!!!! It isn’t about peeing behind a closed door, it is about our daughters showering in an open stall with no curtains, because it is discrimination to only put them up for transgendered boys!!!! There is already documentation of men in the showers in Seattle!!! Wake the HELL up people, how is this a violation of anyone’s civil liberties but our girls right to privacy!!!

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