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BREAKING NEWS: Shots Fired Between Iran and US Navy!


After an Iranian ship came within 200 yards in the Northern Persian Gulf, the U.S. Navy coastal patrol ship fired warning shots. This is the 2nd close call this week!

Just how is President Barack Obama’s $400 billion bribe of Iran going so far?

The USS Squall fired the shots, according to the official.

In the earlier incident, four Iranian small boats “harassed” the USS Nitze Tuesday, sailing near the guided missile destroyer in the Persian Gulf, a U.S. Navy official told Fox News. The U.S. Navy described the incident as “unsafe and unprofessional” and said it occurred in international waters in the narrow Strait of Hormuz.

U.S. Navy video of the incident showed American sailors on the Nitze firing flares and sounding the warship’s horn as the Iranian boats approached. The official said the Nitze was ultimately forced to change its course to avoid the Iranian ships, despite coming close to offshore oil rigs.

via Fox News

This is a breaking news story. We will update as more details become available.