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BREAKING NEWS: The First Exit Polls are In! (OFFICIAL)


It’s going to be a long night and a competitive race. Now, as polls approach closing time, the first exit polls are in. Here are the results, and what we know so far.

Voters want change!

According to Politico, exit poll takers have mixed feelings about Trump:

Voters are expressing unease about both major-party presidential candidates — but greater anxiety about Donald Trump — according to the Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll.

Nearly 14,000 early and Election-Day voters were asked whether around 40 different characteristics applied to Trump and Hillary Clinton. And while the results are preliminary through Tuesday afternoon, they suggest more negative attributes stick to Trump than Clinton.

The top-scoring attributes for Trump are “stubborn” (81 percent), “arrogant” (78 percent), “he says what he believes” (68 percent), “reckless” (60 percent), “sexist” (59 percent) and “changes his mind” (59 percent).

Meanwhile, the most frequently cited attributes for Clinton were “knowledgeable” (68 percent), “stubborn” (60 percent), “changes her mind” (59 percent), “has the right experience” (57 percent), “not willing to admit mistakes” (56 percent) and “flip-flops” (56 percent).

The head-to-head comparisons were most kind to Clinton: 57 percent say she “has the right experience,” compared to only 31 percent for Trump. Only 29 percent say Clinton “does not know enough about the issues,” but half of voters say Trump doesn’t know enough about the issues.

Other attributes are more positive for Trump: 54 percent say Clinton is “corrupt,” compared to 47 percent who say Trump is.

This is a breaking news story. We will update as more details come in.