The upcoming “13 Hours” movie is expected to be a blockbuster hit that could seriously damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The film details what happened at the American embassy in Benghazi libya on September 11, 2012 and the terrorist attack that lead to the death of four Americans… including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

It is Hillary Clinton’s biggest failure and the clearest example of how dangerously incompetent Hillary Clinton is.

Now, an in exclusive interview, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly sat down with three of the brave men who survived the terrorist attack. Security operators John Tiegen, Kris Paronto, and Mark Geist were at the CIA’s secret annex just a mile from the diplomatic compound. They were ready to help, but were told by a CIA officer to stand down as the violent chaos grew.

They told Keppy their were told to wait twice and “stand down”… But these men desided to defy orders before deaths happened. They saved the lives of dozens of people trapped inside, even though they never go thte backup they requested.

Watch (below) as they explain how the Congressional that concluded there were no stand-down orders was “just silly.” They knew they had to violate their orders and defy the wishes of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to save lives on that fateful night.

It’s clear from their interview that the Obama White House and the Secretary of State knew exactly what was going on, and yet they chose to lie about the attack for months. Clinton tried to blame the attack on a YouTube video. This was a major coverup and a massive foreign policy error that resulted in deaths.

These men are heroes and are exposing Hillary! You have to see this:

via Fox News

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