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BREAKING NEWS: New Hampshire Primary Results ARE IN!

New Hampshire Primary

Voters in New Hampshire have spoken. Since the 1960 election, primary voters in Dixville Notch have gathered at midnight to vote as a community. Governor John Kasich (R-OH) won three votes, while Donald J. Trump came in second with two votes.

On the Democrat side, things aren’t looking good for Hillary Clinton: socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) won in a landslide… he won all four Democrat votes.

The city is in the White Mountains in the north of New Hampshire. Meanwhile, in the neighboring town of Millsfield, Senator Ted. Cruz (R-TX) won with 9 votes compared to Donald J. Trump’s 3.

These votes don’t count for much, but they are the only results calculated so far in the Granite State’s important early primary.

The early voting is an old tradition:

At Dixville Notch, it’s a tradition that dates to the 1960s: A few voters and dozens of political journalists pile into The Balsams, where the votes are cast at midnight and counted immediately.

The town doesn’t have a record of predicting much about New Hampshire’s primary. In 2008, then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won the Democratic primary by a 7-2 vote, even though Clinton won the state.

In 2000, George W. Bush beat John McCain, even though the Arizona senator won the state. And in 2012, Jon Huntsman won just as many votes — two — as Mitt Romney, the party’s eventual nominee.

A fictionalized version of Dixville Notch and its two early-voting neighbors was featured in an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s “West Wing” — this one dubbed “Hartsfield’s Landing.”

Dixville Notch’s nine-vote contingency is largely made of the staff redeveloping The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, which has been closed since its sale in 2011.

Learn more about the earliest votes here:

Who will win the rest of the votes in New Hampshire? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!