BREAKING: Michelle Obama Is ANGRY at What Israel Said About Her!

First Lady Michelle Obama is anything but classy, and her lunch control mandates cost school districts billions of dollars in wasted school lunches. Now, she is using her unelected position to make students hungry in other countries!

After Michelle Obama banned America’s students from eating desserts such as cupcakes and preventing the use of birthday cakes, the Education Ministry of Israel did the exact same thing!

Israel Nation News asked in an op-ed, “Has Michelle Obama been consulting with Israel’s Education Ministry?” They were trying to criticize Michelle by telling a joke, but it turns out they were correct!

The new lunch control edicts are entirely inspired by Michelle Obama. The Ministry quietly started the program, and it’s being expanded to every school in the country, with bans on the foods children enjoy:

“Birthday parties are generally venues for consumption of less-healthy foods, including candy and soft drinks,” Irit Livna, health matters supervisor for the Education Ministry told Israel National News. “Because there are so many of these events we are required to increase awareness of healthy eating among parents and children, especially in kindergarten and younger grades.”

The decision mirrors suggestions from the first lady and moves by American schools to ban birthday cupcakes or other “unhealthy” treats for classroom celebrations. Those bans are not imposed by the federal government because the food is not purchased on school property, but are implemented by school officials who want to control everything students eat at school.


Rachel Azaria, a former Jerusalem City Council member who now serves as a member of the Knesset for Kulanu, told Forward.com in 2013 the first lady’s Let’s Move campaign, and British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution prompted her to lead the charge for government-mandated “healthy” school meals.

“We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a long time,” she said in 2013. “But in late 2012 we turned it into a real campaign and we are demanding that the Education Ministry address this important issue.”

To that end, Azaria organized activist parents by circulating petitions, launching protests and campaigning through Facebook. The group also took a page from Michelle O to use sympathetic “experts” to convince the public that government control of school food is a good thing.

Apparently, no one told the government of Israel that Michelle’s lunch mandates resulted in 1,200,000 American students dropping out of the National School Lunch Program! By every possible measure, the program is a disaster. Today, school lunches are more unappetizing than ever.

In a free society, students and their parents plan lunches. Young people need calories to make it through the day, especially if they are involved in after school sporting activities. That’s why those decisions are best left for families, instead of the First Lady and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

What do you think of Israel adopting Michelle’s lunch mandate rules? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think!


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  • Now while I'll agree she should keep her yap shut as to nutrition and leave that to the experts at the State and local level if it's caused the little moochers to drop out of the free lunch program that's money saved so it's not all a bad thing.

  • What's funny is how everyone keeps calling Barack's homosexual partner the First Lady, Michael LaVaugn Robinson has never been female, nevermind a "lady".

  • i have lways read that she is a he and i do think she looks like a guy found this out (Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann[7][8] /məˈliːə/, born on July 4, 1998,[9] and Natasha (known as Sasha /ˈsɑːʃə/), born on June 10, 2001.[10] They were both delivered by their parents' friend Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center) i didnt know were the kids came from but apparently they came from anita blanchard this statement was found at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia maybe this is a message that needs to be out

  • "...resulted in 1,200,000 American students dropping out of the National School Lunch Program!" If true, this is a step in the right direction the way I see it. Congress should defund the "National School Lunch Program." It's not the taxpayers responsibility to subsidize lunch for my child.

  • you are so stupid frank the government has always helped those students who are poor you either have free lunch reduced lunch or pay for lunch depending on your parents income...this is one of the better things the government does goodness knows that the lunches sucks now a days...last week my daughter comes home to inform me she had not ate i asked why she said b-b-q- pizza in other word bbq sauce on a pizza crust even i think that sounds horrible..normally my daughter takes food but she was running behind that day ...and if you had kids they would tell birthday parties are the best and they are in the afternoon before going home so it does not infer with their lunch.....you have to understand some kids never have a birthday party and to them this is the best ever and some teachers would once a month have cake and ice cream to celebrate all kids who had a birthday for that month...so as far as government is concerned THEY SHOULD ALWAYS PROVIDE FREE LUNCH TO STUDENTS for those who meet the criteria and guess what frank the kids who do have to pay 7 out of 10 the family will lie about their income just so their kid can get free lunch instead of paying $2.00 or more for crap food that they have now........

  • When our kids were young, they went to school, with cooks who really knew how to make good food and make it appealing!! The fun of having a birthday celebrated with cupcakes was a high light of the day - let the schools and families of the students tell what is nourishing and liked by their young people - they care about what is put into each individuals mouth and how it affects their bodies!!!!!

  • Not only should all Americans totally ignore what she has to say, all Israeli's should not give one iota of their time! She has a horrible personality and she is merely an angry person as well as misguided. who other than her husband would dare lay hands on Queen Elizabeth?

    I am a Jew. I am a Zionist. I do not care for the mindset that either Obama have displayed since 2008 in regard to Israel, Zionism and world Jewry.

  • I am a parent and what I feed my children/grandchildren is my business. I don't need the government or the first lady to tell me how to raise or feed my children. I didn't walk into her home and tell her that she is the biggest racist I've ever heard of...so she needs to stay out! When my children look like they are getting heavy set then I will do what needs to be done, but not all people are over weight, some of us need as many calories as we can get. This woman is a disgrace to the American way of life.

  • so true we had potatoes and ham (my favorite) we didn't have process food maybe that should be what they need to change NO PROCESS FOOD make real food like they did 20 years ago...it s sad that so many students lost their lunches that is not right nor fair to those students i bet i know which students they were, the ones whose parents work their asses off and are stuck making 10 dollars too much to qualify now the family is probably struggling to pay for bad lunches..personally i think all students should have free lunch including the stinking ass rich at least then their kids would see and be treated like the other students

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