First Lady Michelle Obama is anything but classy, and her lunch control mandates cost school districts billions of dollars in wasted school lunches. Now, she is using her unelected position to make students hungry in other countries!

After Michelle Obama banned America’s students from eating desserts such as cupcakes and preventing the use of birthday cakes, the Education Ministry of Israel did the exact same thing!

Israel Nation News asked in an op-ed, “Has Michelle Obama been consulting with Israel’s Education Ministry?” They were trying to criticize Michelle by telling a joke, but it turns out they were correct!

The new lunch control edicts are entirely inspired by Michelle Obama. The Ministry quietly started the program, and it’s being expanded to every school in the country, with bans on the foods children enjoy:

“Birthday parties are generally venues for consumption of less-healthy foods, including candy and soft drinks,” Irit Livna, health matters supervisor for the Education Ministry told Israel National News. “Because there are so many of these events we are required to increase awareness of healthy eating among parents and children, especially in kindergarten and younger grades.”

The decision mirrors suggestions from the first lady and moves by American schools to ban birthday cupcakes or other “unhealthy” treats for classroom celebrations. Those bans are not imposed by the federal government because the food is not purchased on school property, but are implemented by school officials who want to control everything students eat at school.


Rachel Azaria, a former Jerusalem City Council member who now serves as a member of the Knesset for Kulanu, told Forward.com in 2013 the first lady’s Let’s Move campaign, and British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution prompted her to lead the charge for government-mandated “healthy” school meals.

“We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a long time,” she said in 2013. “But in late 2012 we turned it into a real campaign and we are demanding that the Education Ministry address this important issue.”

To that end, Azaria organized activist parents by circulating petitions, launching protests and campaigning through Facebook. The group also took a page from Michelle O to use sympathetic “experts” to convince the public that government control of school food is a good thing.

Apparently, no one told the government of Israel that Michelle’s lunch mandates resulted in 1,200,000 American students dropping out of the National School Lunch Program! By every possible measure, the program is a disaster. Today, school lunches are more unappetizing than ever.

In a free society, students and their parents plan lunches. Young people need calories to make it through the day, especially if they are involved in after school sporting activities. That’s why those decisions are best left for families, instead of the First Lady and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

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