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Breaking: Major Terrorist Attack Launched In THIS CITY – 1 Murdered, More than a Dozen Injured- VP Joe Biden Nearby! (VIDEO)


Three separate Islamic terrorist attacks happened in the nation of Israel today, just as Vice President Joe Biden arrived. This is horrible!

The spotted terrorist arrived on a motorcycle… then was shot to death by the police as he attempted an escape. Another terrorist is still on the loose. Road blocks have been set up trying to catch him.

Early reports believe the attacks are not coincidental to Biden’s arrival, and that Israeli police were targeted! So far two officers were hit by gunfire and are in critical condition.

In addition to 1 death, 10 others were wounded in an Islamic terror stabbing attack in Central Jaffa.

Two Israeli Border Police officers were seriously wounded after a terrorist opened fire on a police car traveling along Jerusalem’s Salah a-Din street on Tuesday afternoon.

The attack occurred close to the Old City’s Damascus Gate, where Arab terrorists regularly target Israeli security forces.

According to a Jerusalem Police spokesman, a terrorist gunman riding a motorbike opened fire on a patrol, wounding one officer, and then immediately fled the scene.

via Israel National News

This video captured the attack as it happened:

Graphic Content: Here are bystanders telling cops to shoot the terrorists again to ensure he isn’t alive…

This is a breaking news story! We will post more details when they become available. Let us pray for the victims who have been killed and injured today in Israel.