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BREAKING: Katie Couric Just Received TERRIBLE NEWS… Wow!

Katic Couric is having a horrible day. Her anti-gun documentary, “Under the Gun” was so poorly and deceptively edited, that it was just pulled from online streaming!

When trying to play the video on Epix.com, the message announces, ““THIS MOVIE IS NOT CURRENTLY PLAYING ON EPIX.”

Just two weeks after first airing and one week after director Stephanie Soechtig and executive producer/narrator Katie Couric were caught in a scandal where Soechtig replaced the answer to a question with footage shot at a different time, the streaming media channel EPIX has pulled their original film.

A Visit to the movie’s page on the EPIX site is met with the warning, “THIS MOVIE IS NOT CURRENTLY PLAYING ON EPIX.”

Soechtig, Couric, EPIX, and Couric’s employer Yahoo! News have been under intense pressure since news of the fraudulent edit was posted just a week ago.

via Bearing Arms

The Daily Caller reports that Couric is accepting full responsibility for the improper editing:

Couric’s film has drawn intense criticism after she was caught deceptively editing interviews with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. The resulting edits made it appear as if the pro-gun activists were baffled by a question on background checks.

“I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League,” Couric said in a statement.

IT’s clear that Couric doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution. But that law is here to protect our God-given liberty, which is why the Founding Fathers were strongly in favor of gun rights. There is evil in this world, and guns are necessary for protection.

Katie Couric has been caught red-handed trying to smear gun owners. And now we know what a horrible liar she is.

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