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BREAKING: Kasich Just Made A BOMBSHELL 2016 Announcement

John Kasich

Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich just made a huge announcement… Not only is he staying in the GOP presidential primary race, but he expects to win a contested RNC convention in him home state of Ohio later this summer.

And he’s certainly nothing like Abe Lincoln:

Kasich noted that there have been 10 contested Republican conventions throughout history.

“And of the ten, only three times was the front-runner selected. Seven times it was somebody other than the front-runner,” he told Pelley.

When Pelley noted that Kasich came in third, Kasich said: “So was Lincoln. I’m not Lincoln, but so was Lincoln.”

But Pelley noted that Kasich was “not the front-runner, you’re not the second-runner. You’re way off in third.”

While Kasich has only won the Ohio primary, he believes his message is getting through to voters:

“So think of it this way. Coke, Pepsi, Kasich, right? You go to the store. You’re with your spouse. And your spouse says, ‘Well yeah, I kind of like that Kasich, but I don’t know that much about him,’” Kasich said. “As we’ve seen more and more of my message be able to be communicated, we’re getting bigger crowds. And that’ll translate into delegates. And delegates will translate into momentum.”

Kasich keeps pushing national polls that show him defeating Hillary Clinton. But while most Americans know of Hillary and the ongoing FBI criminal investigation into her email server, Kasich is virtually unknown.

How much effort would it take for Democrats to run attack against against a former manger of Lehman Brothers?

Via CBS News

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