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The Islamic State (ISIS), during President Barack Obama’s 2 terms in the White House, has grown in size and power. They have inflicted deadly attacks on Western countries, as we saw in Paris and Brussels. Their followers even attacked America during the deadly Islamic terror attacks in San Bernardino, California.

Now, this summer, ISIS could be ready to head to the beach! Dressed like tourists, the attacks will come and vacationers on the beaches of Europe will die. This is horrible:

After the arrest of an Islamic State fighter in Mallorca, authorities worry the group may target European beaches and bathers over the summer in new terror attacks.

According to the Madrid Ministry of the Interior authorities on the island of Mallorca arrested a 26-year-old who is said to have been in close contact with the leadership of the Islamic State in Syria. The young man used internet forums to recruit new fighters for the group and offered assistance to would-be fighters who wanted to make the trip to Syria.

From his home in Palma the suspected terrorist also advocated new attacks and called upon others to commit acts of terror in Spain and elsewhere reports Kurier.

The arrest comes at a time when media in Italy and Germany have both reported a heightened security alert on European beaches. According to information obtained from police chief, captain Pouye Seck, from the African nation of Senegal, ISIS fighters may target beach goers in Spain, Southern France and Italy.

The attacks would be similar to the mass shooting of tourists that occurred in Tunisia and led to the deaths of 39 people.

We are dealing with an enemy that follows no rules of war, and doesn’t dress in uniform. Apparently, ISIS is ready to “disguise themselves as t-shirt and sunglasses street vendors and sneak in automatic weapons or high explosives to then go on a rampage.”

This is why America needs a real leader in the White House. It is time to wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth, forever!

This is a breaking news story. We will most more details as they become available.