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BREAKING: Hours After Terrorist Attack In Israel, VP Biden Said THIS!

terror attack israel

Just hours after a bomb from an Islamic suicide bomber destroyed a bull full of passengers in Jerusalem, Vice President Joe Biden addressed the liberal Jewish organization J Street – which some view as hostile to Israel – at a gala in Washington, D.C.

What he said was shocking!

Biden expressed his and President Barack Obama’s “overwhelming frustration” with Israel and their leaders.

He made it very clear: The Obama administration is no friend of Israel:

“The present course Israel’s on is not one that’s likely to secure its existence as a Jewish, democratic state – and we have to make sure that happens,” Biden said.

The Vice President went on to excoriate Israel over a host of issues. Despite a partial freeze on construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, Biden attacked Israeli actions over the Green Line.

“I firmly believe that the actions that Israel’s government has taken over the past the past several years — the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures — they’re moving us and more importantly they’re moving Israel in the wrong direction.”

In a swipe at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Biden offered praise for left-wing MK Stav Shaffir (Zionist Union), expressing openly the hope that the Israeli left win back control of the Knesset.

“May your views begin to once again become the majority opinion in the Knesset,” said Biden.

Via Israel National News

Biden only referred to the recent attack in passing, and only called the attackers “misguided cowards.”

Then, he went on to defend Obama’s misguided and dangerous deal with Iran, which is currently unfreezing billions of assets once controlled by the hostile regime.

Biden, just like Obama, is clearly unable to refer to “Islamic terrorists” and the Obama White House is clearly determined to give support and comfort to Iran, even as they continue to imprison Christians and threaten Israel’s national security.

Just which side is VP Joe Biden on?

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