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Breaking: Hillary Clinton Just Gave Democrats HORRIBLE NEWS!

Hillary Clinton

A bombshell new report from Politico shows Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are FURIOUS with her team’s staff and strategy.

They are admitting that a loss in New Hampshire is guaranteed, and are so angry with their digital and messaging operation that they’re laying off staff and brand new strategies are being developed.

The Clintons have become “increasingly caustic” toward their aides and morale is low. A major shakeup in Hillaryland is underway!

The talk of shake-up echoes what happened in 2008 – when Clinton was on the verge of sacking her campaign manager and several top communications officials – before her surprise win here bailed out her beleaguered staff. Over time, however she slowly layered over top officials, essentially hiring old hands – like Hillaryland stalwart Maggie Williams and pollster Geoff Garin – to run the campaign while the previous staff were quietly relegated to subsidiary positions.

It’s not clear if that will happen again, but several people close to the situation said Clinton would be loathe to fire anyone outright and more inclined to add new staff.

“The Clintons are not happy, and have been letting all of us know that,” said one Democratic official who speaks regularly to both. “The idea is that we need a more forward-looking message, for the primary – but also for the general election too… There’s no sense of panic, but there is an urgency to fix these problems right now.”

Ultimately, the disorganization is the candidate’s own decision-making, which lurches from hands-off delegation in times of success to hands-around-the-throat micromanagement when things go south.
At the heart of problem this time, staffers, donors and Clinton-allied operatives say, was the Clinton’s decision not to appoint a single empowered chief strategist – a role the forceful but controversial Mark Penn played in 2008 – and disperse decision-making responsibility to a sprawling team with fuzzy lines of authority.

“There’s nobody sitting in the middle of this empowered to create a message and implement it,” said one former Obama 2008 aide. “They are kind of rudderless… occasionally Hillary grabs the rudder, but until recently she was not that interested in [working on messaging]… Look, she going to be the nominee, but she’s not going to get any style points and if she isn’t careful she is going to be a wounded nominee. And they better worked this shit out fast because who ever the Republicans pick is going to be 29 times tougher than Bernie.”

Via Politico

You know Democrats are in bad shape when these long-time Clinton operatives can’t defeat a self-labeled “socialist” in a Democrat primary. Hillary’s team is comprised of some of the meanest and most ruthless political operators in the world… and yet they can’t manage a New Hampshire-based campaign.

This may be a good reminder that money can’t buy elections. Hillary Clinton has unlimited resources with her ties to Wall Street and billionaire donors to the Clinton Foundation.  But she’s a bad candidate and facing criminal indictment from an ongoing FBI investigation. The intelligence community believes she deserves to be in prison… and now, she may no longer have the political clout to avoid it.

This is the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton.

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