Breaking: Hillary Clinton In A Fight For Her Life

Hillary Clinton

The once presumptive nominee for president on the Democrat side is now in a fight for her life to stop the bleeding… coming on the heels of loss after loss to her rival, Bernie Sanders.

With all eyes turning to New York on Tuesday, the Drudge Report has declared that Hillary Clinton must mount a sizable victory in order to save her campaign.

Hillary Clinton

A Bloomberg report indicates that the Clinton campaign is going all out in an attempt to thwart Sanders in the Empire State.

Via Bloomberg:

Hillary Clinton isn’t leaving any line of attack untested in the final week before New York’s Democratic primary, aware that anything short of a big win may breathe new life into Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Clinton’s all-out approach and rebuttals by Sanders seemed to end a brief truce that took hold in the campaign at the end of last week after increasingly bitter exchanges in which each questioned the other’s fitness for office.

The back-and-forth leads up to a debate Thursday night in Brooklyn, with both candidates digging in for a fight they may have to carry on until the final primary ballot is cast in June.

This despite the fact a big Clinton victory in New York was a foregone conclusion just weeks ago.

CNN reported just hours ago that Clinton holds a 51-39% edge over Sanders, a steep drop from less than a month ago when polls showed her with a 48-point advantage, as well as an 18-point edge just four days ago.

Laughably, the Clinton campaign is panicking and trying to accuse Sanders of ‘rigging the system’ in regards to superdelegates.

In an interview with CNN, Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon charged, “Really, I think when you talk about rigging the system, that’s what Sen. Sanders is trying to do now.”

Reality dictates otherwise. Fallon is simply upset that the Sanders campaign is trying to woo superdelegates back into a fair fight, when an overwhelming majority have been bought and paid for by Clinton.

In fact, Sanders has won of the last nine primaries but Clinton has still walked away with more delegates. Up until this point in the election, Clinton has amassed nearly 95% of those rigged superdelegates. The system is so rigged in her favor, that Clinton has a convicted felon eligible to vote for her.

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Comment: Is a big New York win in the cards for Hillary, or can Sanders make a surprising run and win yet another contest? Is the Democrat system rigged with superdelegates? Share your thoughts below.

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