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BREAKING: Guess Who Wants to Be Donald Trump’s Vice President?


Former pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura was once Governor of Minnesota… Then he went crazy. He loves conspiracy theories and he took $1.7 million from ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle in a lawsuit after Chris was murdered.

Now, he is seriously interested in joining conservative Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as his vice president. This is TERRIBLE!

Jesse Ventura is getting national attention after asking this question of Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser on his “Off the Grid” online show: “Do you think Donald would ever consider me?”

The former governor of Minnesota said he’d seriously consider being Trump’s running mate.

Ventura spoke only to WCCO’s Jennifer Mayerle about the election and Trump’s run for president.

Ventura is pulling for his friend and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“If Donald Trump were to ask me to be his running mate, I would give it very serious consideration because anything to break up the status quo of this country,” Ventura said. “This country needs to be shaken up. It needs to be shaken to its very core, and Donald Trump is doing that.”[…]

“My advice to him at this point would be, ‘Don’t you dare back down, cause if you back down now, you’re finished,’” Ventura said. “They tell you defense wins Superbowls, but that’s not presidential. Offense can win the presidency.”

Ventura thinks having his name on the ticket would help bring in votes.

“We’ve been friends for about 25 years, so I don’t know if it’s in the cards or not, but it just went through my head, ‘Boy would that ever get the Republicans angry,’” Ventura said.

via CBS Minnesota

Jesse Ventura would make more than just Republicans angry. Any decent American patriot should hate him for his treatment of Chris Kyle’s wife. Kyle was a Navy SEAL hero and his family deserves respect.

Thankfully, it is clear that Donald Trump is a smart politician and would probably not even consider running with a VP candidate that would ensure Hillary Clinton would win.

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