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Breaking: The GOP Made A Huge Announcement… People Will Be FURIOUS!

RNC convention rules

It was only yesterday that a top RNC official announced that conservative businessman Donald Trump could secure the nomination with fewer than 1,237 delegates before the RNC convention later this summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Is that a rule change? Hardly, but Randy Evans was assuming that it was likely Trump would win the first ballot with 1,000+ delegates.

Now, the RNC is signaling to the political establishment that it’s ready to accept Trump as the nominee, and they are warning leaders not to mess with the convention rules in a last minute attempt to “steal” the election. Peter Feaman, another RNC committeeman who is on the powerful Rules Committee, made the announcement on a recent conference call. He noted that looming suggested changes to the convention would make it look like they are rigging the process…

“The consensus was that the RNC rules committee is going to specifically steer clear of any proposed convention rules changes because we don’t want the RNC perceived as somehow wanting to manipulate the process one way or another,” he said.

The quarterly meeting next week will be the last time RNC members get together before the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland.

However, that doesn’t mean the rules won’t be tinkered with before convention ballots are cast. The convention’s own rules committee, which is made up of delegates as well as party officials, will be able to make changes before the convention doors opens.

“Our inclination is to let them do their thing at the convention, and we’re just going to leave it alone next week and not even go there,” Mr. Feaman said.

Via The Washington Times

Clearly, the “#NeverTrump” team can’t be happy about this. So many top level political operatives and insiders are spending millions of dollars trying to deny Trump the nomination, and scheming behind the scenes to rig the convention. Now, it’s clear the RNC is more focused on trying to win the general while maintaining majorities in Congress.

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