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BREAKING: Fox News Leaks Trump’s VP Running Mate For 2016?!?

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Political observers have noticed how positive top Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s coverage has been of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. With most of the media, including fellow host Megyn Kelly, showing they are not fans of Trump’s tough talk, O’Reilly has been so supportive that even Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has tried to call him out for it. It’ clear that O’Reilly and Trump, who both stand for a bold and populist message, get along well.

But O’Reilly may have just LEAKED Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate! O’Reilly believes that Trump’s only option for VP is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez:

“There’s only one choice for vice president if Donald Trump wants to win the White House. Only one person. Do you know who that is?” the Fox News host asked former White House press secretary and current colleague Dana Perino during a segment on his Thursday night show.

O’Reilly dropped the name: “Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico.”

“That is the only choice if Mr. Trump, with all due respect, wants to be president, he must give it to the governor of New Mexico,” O’Reilly said, adding that the chair of the Republican Governors Association “cuts across all ethnic boundaries that he’s weak in, she’s very bright, she is a Republican conservative in a state that would go, you know, it’s not a lot of electoral votes, but if he can convince Gov. Martinez to be on the second, that will help him immensely.”

Via Politico

If true, this an incredible news! It would fit with Trump’s promise to select a political insider who could work with him to advance his conservative agenda.

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