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BREAKING: Fox News Host Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump’s VP Running Mate!

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Now that conservative businessman Donald J. Trump has secured the GOP presidential nomination, the question remains: Who will be his Vice Presidential running mate in 2016?

Fox News host Sean Hannity, an influential conservative and long-time friend of Trump’s, let the world know exactly who he thinks would be Trump’s best choice for VP. He believes the best choice is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich!

“You know, Donald Trump said he wants to hire the best. …You were successful,” Hannity told Gingrich on his television program. “Trump like successful people.”

“You brought Republicans back to power. You were the last speaker to balance the budget. You are the last speaker to be transformative, in terms of doing big things in Washington, like welfare reform and maybe a few other things you’d care to mention,” he added. “That, to me, naturally makes you a top contender for the VP.”

Hannity said that he viewed Gingrich as the “best choice” for the job if Trump were looking for the “best person to get the job done.”

“You’ve done it. Can you name anyone else that has more experience and has more success, in terms of a track record in D.C. than you?” he asked.

Via The Blaze

Speaker Gingrich has repeatedly said he would accept the job if offered. His experience of dealing with the Washington, D.C. establishment while fighting for conservative causes would certainly make him an excellent pick as running mate. When Hannity has a suggestion for Trump, I’m sure he listens.

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