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BREAKING: Donald Trump Will Win This KEY Battleground State!

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A new poll shows that Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is up in Ohio against Hillary Clinton. Ohio, which has been a key battleground state in recent elections, is a critical victory that Trump needs.

If Mitt Romney would have just won Ohio and Florida, he would be President right now. The excitement and support for Trump in the Buckeye State is  overwhelming, and Hillary can’t catch up!

As Robert Romano explains explains:

The latest battleground state polls show the presidential race is much tighter than the mainstream media and some prognosticators would have you believe. And there is still room for it to flip either way in the closing days.

4 state polls by Axiom Strategies-Remington Research Group conducted Oct. 20 to 22 find Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in North Carolina 47 to 44 percent and in Ohio 46 to 42 percent. Clinton is ahead in Pennsylvania 45 to 42 percent. And in Florida things are all tied up at 46 percent apiece.

Another poll by Bloomberg in Florida conducted Oct. 21 to 24 shows Trump ahead 45 to 43 percent.

Meaning, things could not be any closer. And there is room to pick up the margin of victory in each state. In the Remington polls, in North Carolina, 5 percent remain undecided. In Ohio, 6 percent are undecided. In Florida, 5 percent are undecided. And in Pennsylvania, a whopping 7 percent are undecided.

As for Bloomberg’s Florida poll, 2 percent are unsure and a curious 4 percent would not say who they preferred.

That means there are still millions of votes up for grabs, more than enough to tilt the race one way or another. And then there’s turnout and enthusiasm. Turn out a higher percentage of your supporters than your opponent, and that changes the complexion of the race, too.

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning notes that teams knocking on doors in North Carolina he has heard from report that “ blue collar voters who have not usually been reliable voters are extremely energized about getting to the polls, which should be good news for Donald Trump.”

If this trend holds true in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Donald Trump has a clear pathway to the presidency.

Manning continued, “ This is a turnout election, and if these blue-collar voters show up at the polls driven by Trump’s America first trade policies and their rejection of Hillary Clinton’s borderless America vision, it will send shockwaves through the political elites who have ignored them for so long.”

Read the rest here.

Polls have been used to depress turnout and scare off Trump voters, but don’t be fooled! Pollsters simply can’t capture the amount of unusual support Trump is receiving from independents, Democrats, and voters who rarely get involved in Presidential elections. Trump is expanding the tent and growing the Republican Party in historic ways.

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