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Donald Trump continues to dominate every poll in key primary states for the GOP presidential primary. He has been a bold conservative, sounding the alarm on illegal immigration and the threat of Syrian refugees.

Now, he just came as close as he ever will to naming his Vice Presidential running mate. It appears he wants Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to join the ticket. This is a political earthquake that would shake the political establishment to the core!

Could you imagine the two biggest thorns in the side of Obama being on the same ticket next year?

Today, Trump came as close as he’s come yet to naming who that person might be. And I know some of you are going to be disappointed, while others of you will love it.

Donald Trump on Tuesday named Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) when asked about his possible running mate in 2016.

“Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” he said when asked about his vice presidential pick, according to Lifezette.

“Well, I like him,” Trump told radio host Laura Ingraham during her broadcast. “He’s backed everything I’ve said.”

Unlike most of the Republican presidential hopefuls, Cruz has mostly refrained from attacking Trump, even appearing alongside him at a rally in September against the Iran nuclear deal.

The pair has also struck similar tones on topics such as border security and illegal immigration.

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