BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Broke An HISTORIC Record – Never Before In History!

Donald Trump

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump has run an incredible campaign for President. He has lead national polls for months, and has run the most unique media-driven campaign we’ve seen. In the process, he defeated 16 Republican opponents, including many Governors and Senators.

Now, it’s official: Donald Trump has won more votes in a primary than any other Republican candidate in history.

This is incredible!

George W. Bush won 10.8 million votes in the 2000 Republican primary. Donald Trump has won 11.1 million votes so far this year.

Donald Trump won Oregon tonight but Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win in Kentucky and lost to Bernie Sanders in Oregon.

Kentucky was Hillary’s first primary win in nearly a month as she beat Bernie by less than 0.5% of the vote. Sanders won the Oregon primary for his third primary win in the last 3 weeks. It appears the email scandal, her husband’s recently reported trips to ‘rape’ island and other questionable acts in her past have come to haunt Hillary.

Per a review of the results of elections to date of the top four candidates, Trump continues to outshine them all and currently needs less than 90 delegates to win the Republican Nomination for President.

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This is one for the record books:

Trump has more primary wins (27), more overall state wins (30), the highest percentage of primary wins (87%), the highest percent of overall state wins (71%), the highest percent of primary delegates (74%), the highest percent of overall delegates (67%), and the highest percentage of votes (60%) than the final top four Republican and Democrat candidates.

To see how many votes he earned, it’s actually surprising that he wasn’t the GOP nominee sooner. Most candidates didn’t have this many votes leading into the convention. However, in this case, the political establishment has tried to defeat him at the last minute. But their plans didn’t work.

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