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BREAKING: Donald J Trump’s VP Running Mate Announcement – LEAKED BY TOP ADVISOR!?!

trump vp

During a recent radio interview, Roger Stone, a long-time advisor to conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, made a bombshell announcement. He has a big clue as to just who Trump’s VP running mate will be!

Watch (below) as Stone explains to host Alex Jones how he’s “reading the tea leaves” and the most likely candidate is conservative Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

Sessions, a long-time supporter of Trump, has been a staunch opponent of President Obama’s amnesty agenda. While they agree on the issues, Sessions is a Southerner (unlike Trump) and is a legislative leader who could help promote the conservative Trump agenda through Congress.

As Stone explains:

“I’ve seen the chemistry between Trump and Sessions. It’s very positive. Trump appreciate sessions and was grateful by his early support. Plus, they are copacetic on the issue of illegal immigration.”

Alex Jones agreed, noting that Trump’s body language when talking about Sessions is clear. “It’s as if (Trump) is in love with him,” Jones opined. Stone agreed.

Here is the full interview where Stone makes this major VP running mate announcement:

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