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Breaking News: Chuck Norris Shares A DARK SECRET

chuck norris

Chuck Norris is an incredible actor and martial arts expert.

But as he explains in this interview, his views on religion are intensely personal. He shared his heartbreaking story, and how his troubles have brought him closer to God.

This is amazing!

Chuck Norris has been hypnotizing audiences for nearly 4 decades with his martial arts and timeless handsome looks.

It’s hard to believe the “Walker, Texas Ranger” legend turned 76-years-old last month, but it’s even harder to believe everything he’s accomplished- despite all the hardships he’s endured throughout life.

When I learned everything Chuck Norris has been through, I realized he’s so much more than my favorite action star- he’s a devout Christian man that every American should be looking up to.

Although most people know him as Chuck, the martial arts expert was born into an impoverished family in Oklahoma, where he was named Carlos Ray Norris.

As the oldest of three sons to an alcoholic father and a God-fearing mother, Chuck Norris faced challenges most children should never have to experience. By the age of 15, Chuck had moved 16 times. His parents eventually divorced and his father completely disappeared from his life.

It was Chuck’s mother, a strong Christian and prayer warrior, who encouraged her children to never give up despite the extreme poverty they were growing up in.

“God has a plan for you,” she told Chuck daily.

“She loves Jesus with all of her heart and soul and made sure we understood that [growing up,]” Chuck explained. “She influenced me spiritually and instilled in me a sense of responsibility that carried over in my later adult life. She always told me ‘God has plans for you,’ and I didn’t know what she meant. I think I do now.”

“I was raised in a Baptist upbringing and I loved Jesus with all my heart, but I completely drifted. Then at the age of 26, I had a really radical conversion. I don’t know how to explain it any other way. I was just so excited,” he explained.

Fame and fortune took a toll on his personal life when Chuck and his first wife, Dianne, divorced after 30 years of marriage and raising two sons together. The high school sweethearts married in 1958- the same year Chuck joined the U.S. Air Force.

“Unfortunately a lot of times in the entertainment industry, sometimes you lose sight of what’s really important in your life. I lost a marriage because of it,” Chuck revealed.

Chuck’s life took a dramatic turn when a letter from a daughter he’d never known turned up in his mailbox. During his first year of marriage, Chuck had committed a one-time extramarital affair while stationed away from home.

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After that bad mistake, Chuck’s faith in Christianity helped turn the mess of his life around. He credits his family and his second wife Gene for resetting his relationship with Jesus.

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