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BREAKING: BRUTAL Attack On Police In New York City! (Video)

nypd attack
A brutal reminder of the danger our heroes in blue face every day in their duty to protect and serve just happened in New York City.

Some of New York’s finest suffered from a savage attack from a man named Akram Judeh, who was swinging a meat cleaver in the middle of the street.

The New York Post reports:

A driver got so furious when his car got slapped with a boot outside Penn Station that he attacked cops with a meat cleaver, and officers fired 18 shots at the maniac to stop his rampage, cops said.

Off-duty detective Brian O’Donnell, who jumped in to help stop Akram Judeh, 32, was struck in the face with the 11-inch blade and suffered a gash from his left temple down to his throat, said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Judeh — a career criminal — was left splayed out on the street in a giant pool of blood on West 32nd Street and Broadway. …

“The man was standing by a car trying to get the boot off and cops came over to help,” recalled witness Eleazar Palafox.

That’s when Judeh pulled out his cleaver and started swinging, law enforcement sources said. He then ran toward Seventh Avenue.

“You have a character running down the street waving a meat cleaver. Despite that the officers approached him,” Bratton said.

When he refused to drop the weapon, a sergeant hit him with a Taser — but Judah continued running westbound.

Near Seventh Avenue, Judeh climbed on top of an NYPD squad car, but was tackled by the off-duty officer O’Donnell, who suffered a six-inch gash during the attack.

Police reportedly tried to tase the man, but weren’t able to get him to submit.

Three officers were injured, and two officers plus the critically injured suspect were sent to the hospital.

A bystander caught video of the incident. Warning: Graphic

While the Black Lives Matter crowd tries to dismiss the threats police face every day, please pray for the recovery of these officers and for justice for the cleaver-wielding maniac.