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BREAKING: Top 2016 Presidential Candidate To Drop Out and…

bill weld

The Libertarian Party is having an impressive year, with presidential candidate Gary Johnson close to polling well enough to be in national presidential debates.

Johnson, with 9% support nationally, is higher than Texas businessman Ross Perot’s 8% poll number when he was invited into the presidential debate in September 1992.

Now, famous journalist Carl Berstein is speculating that Johnson’s VP running mate Bill Weld is ready to drop out of the race and endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, has been supported by Mitt Romney. And his dropping out would be a crushing blow – and probably the end – of the Libertarian Party’s efforts in the 2016 presidential race.

This is extraordinary:

RedState is questioning Berstein’s motivations:

This action, however, would do little more than cripple a Libertarian Party that is already struggling to remain relevant on the big stage. Johnson just missed out on the first debate, but is still holding out hope he could make the second and third ones. This kind of speculation is only meant to diminish those chances, and anyone who pushes it knows that. Just listen to him again.

He’s not sourcing anyone or anything. He’s not directly saying Weld is thinking this right now. He’s just tossing some ideas out there in the hopes that Weld takes the hint and makes the right choice. If Weld did drop out, it benefits both Clinton and Trump, and the two party system as a whole. There are a good many people on both sides of the political aisle who would be interested in that.

Weld, a liberal Republican, is no fan of Donald Trump. And it’s hardly unreasonable to think the Johnson/Weld ticket could make a major impact in the 2016 presidential elections. They have no chance of winning, but can effect the outcome.

Weld, at the last minute, may be working with Republican establishment insiders to hurt Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which is currently skyrocketing in polls.

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