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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Just Made A MASSIVE 2016 Announcement!

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By most accounts, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would not be able to complete against Hillary Clinton’s delegate count. It’s clear the DNC was playing favorites, and they ensured Clinton would with the nomination, no matter what.

But Sanders just made a massive announcement that will make Hillary Clinton furious! He’s officially staying in the race, and ready to fight for the progressive views of his supporters.

This is about to shake up the DNC just before the convention, later this Summer:

Sanders does not plan to drop out “today, or tomorrow, or the next day,” spokesman Michael Briggs said Tuesday, according to Bloomberg News.

“He has said that he plans to stay in this through the Democratic convention,” Briggs said on the day of the final Democratic primary, in Washington, D.C.[…]

“We’re meeting with Secretary Clinton this evening and we’ll see how that goes and where things stand after that, and make some decision about the future based on more intelligence about where we’re going,” Briggs said.

Sanders has repeatedly vowed to stay in the race even after Hillary Clinton won enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee.

Sanders plans to meet with Clinton on Tuesday and will address his supporters in a live video Thursday evening.

This is an uncomfortable position for Hillary, as she has had to try to coverup her close Wall Street ties and support for unfair trade deals. Liberal activists were already skeptical about Hillary Clinton, and now Sanders will remain in the race to provide a clear alternative.

What do you think about Bernie Sanders officially remaining in this race? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.