When Donald Trump promised a “big beautiful wall,” the man wasn’t kidding.

Companies submitting bids to build the wall are instructed that their designs should be “physically imposing in height,” that they must be able to withstand attacks from “sledgehammer, car jack, pick ax, chisel, battery operated impact tools (among others),” but most important of all, the wall must be “aesthetically pleasing.” Of course, the wall only need be aesthetically pleasing on one side (the side facing the US).

If we’re going to spend $25 billion on it, it might as well look good, no?

Don’t expect any Trump branding to be on the wall, but there are plenty of fascinating designs that have already been envisioned by the 200+ organizations that expressed interest in designing and building it.

Here are just a few:

The Wirewall

The proposal from Riverdale Mills Corporation employs wire mesh, which is already used along the Mexican border with California and Arizona. Riverdale says the material can be manufactured up to 20 feet tall and installed up to 6 feet below ground, to prevent tunneling.

Solar Panels

“I like the wall to be able to pay for itself,” Thomas Gleason, managing partner of Gleason Partners LLC, tells the AP.

The company’s proposal sets solar panels on sections of the wall, generating what it says would be approximately 2.0 megawatts of electricity per hour, according to the wire service.

Perhaps if we use Mexican solar panels, then Mexico technically will have paid for the wall!

Maximum-Security Wire Mesh

Composed of high-density steel packed into double wire mesh, the Penna Group’s proposed wall takes its cue from maximum security prisons. “Nearly impossible to climb,” it would also be built to withstand pick axes, acetylene torches and other handheld weapons, with the first 12 feet of its 30-foot height packed more densely.

The Security Curtain Wall

With its face pitched at an angle, the proposed wall put forth by San Diego Project Management, PSC, borrows medieval concepts to give to give guards a better view of possible “villains” approaching the wall — and with its walkway toward the top, it gives those guards a place to patrol from a height.


They certainly all have an aesthetic to them, with the exception of the wirewall.

Which one is your favorite?

Which wall do you think Trump should build on the border?

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Of course, we don’t want it to look too good – or it’ll incentivize even more people to climb over to see what’s on the other side. Perhaps the solution for that would be for the Mexican side of the wall to be one giant mirror…

Which is your favorite design? Be sure to let us know!