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Border Mayor: Not One Dime of Taxpayer Money for Illegals (Video)

As President Barack Obama continues to do nothing to stop the border crisis, America becomes less safe. And many local communities along the U.S.-Mexico border are being forced to find ways to care for the thousands of illegals making their way here.

Of course, much of the care illegals are receiving is being paid for with taxpayer dollars, eating away at communities that already suffer from limited resources.

But thanks to shortfalls, much of the work being done to provide food, shelter, and care for illegal immigrants is being shifted to private organizations that have graciously volunteered to use their financial resources and manpower to help with this humanitarian crisis. They are doing important work, especially when they help children who should not be blamed for their parents’ illegal activity.

However, these groups can’t possibly keep up with the demand, which will only increase the taxpayer burden.

However, Texas mayor Raul Salinas of Laredo has stated he will not be diverting anymore of his city’s public funds to provide aid for illegals pouring into the U.S. Other cities are joining his lead:

City leaders in Laredo say they will not use taxpayer money to help illegal immigrants released from Border Patrol custody.

Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas said the city has to look out for its own citizens.

Laredo’s position runs counter to those of cities like McAllen, which has spent thousands in tax dollars helping Central Americans released from Border Patrol custody.

Salinas said hundreds of illegal immigrants are released at Laredo’s bus stations.

“Our bus stations are full,” Salinas said.

Illegal immigrants stop at a building in downtown Laredo to take a shower, grab a change of clothes and eat before continuing their journey north. The site functions more like a rest stop and is run by a faith-based group.

“What’s going to happen when the faith organizations run out of money? The burden will be on cities,” Salinas said.

The city of McAllen confirmed last week that it spent more than $70,000 in June to help shelter immigrants. Salinas said Laredo will not spend a penny.

“We’re strapped. We cannot put the local taxpayers in strain,” Salinas said.

“We’re not going to raise taxes. If use some tax money, and we’re strapped for money now, are we going to get reimbursed? That’s the challenge that we face,” Salinas said.

Thank goodness there are tough Mayors willing to stand up for local taxpayers who shouldn’t have to foot the bill because of Obama’s reckless policies.