Newt Gingrich
The Newtster is back, and he’s doing the thing he does best – throwing the hypocrisies and lies of the left-wing mainstream media back in their faces!!

This morning he did just that to a reporter who was trying to slap Donald on his attack on the ethnicity of his Hispanic judge.



I love how he does that right in the face of the reporter and swings away – this is exactly what the role of a Vice President is, and that’s why so many people are thinking that Newt is the top pick for the Donald. On the other hand, Trump destroys the press enough himself, but with how biased they are against conservatives it might do us good to have two street fighters at the top of the ticket!!

Unfortunately, Newt might have knocked HIMSELF out of the running for VP after he said THIS:

Will attacking the media on Trump’s behalf bring him back into good graces with the Donald?

What do you think? Will Trump and Newty make up? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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