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BOOM! Michelle Obama SUED for Extravagant Tax-Payer Funded VACATION$ (MUST READ)



First Lady Michelle Obama is a disgrace to America and has no class. She spends her days spending countless millions of taxpayer dollars on vacations and trips to promote her left-wing agenda and lunch control rules.

But a group of smart attorneys at Judicial Watch have had enough! They filed a lawsuit that is making its way through the courts after it was initially filed a few years ago. They’re going to find out just how much Michelle’s extravagant vacation to Spain cost, where she may have shopped with her taxpayer-funded credit card. But the Obamas are refusing to release records!

According to Right Side News, the conservative group has been trying to obtain the records for quite some time, but the Obama administration has been stonewalling them. Judicial Watch had previously sued to obtain records of Michelle’s 2011 trip to Africa, but that one was at least somewhat business-related.
The same cannot be said for her trip to Spain. This trip was purely personal, and was taken on the dime of American taxpayers.

The Obamas have done their best to shroud this vacation in mystery. All we know is that in August of 2010, Michelle and one of her daughters jetted off on a “whirlwind tour of Spain,” where they traveled through coastal towns and had lunch with the king and queen. Accompanying Michelle and her daughter were “two friends and four of their daughters, as well as a couple of aides and a couple of advance staff members.”

The White House claims the Obamas “paid their own way” on the trip, but if this were the case, why wouldn’t they release the records? At the very least, taxpayers paid for Michelle’s security, and that would have been quite costly.

via Tell Me Now

Barack and Michelle are not above the law. When courts require you to release documents, you must. Those rules are what separate America from a banana republic.

But Michelle is acting like a tyrant, in defiance of the law. Thankfully, Judicial Watch is keeping them in check!

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