In an interview on Fox News, Dan Bongino said that it was “insane” that Bernie Sanders is close to winning the Democratic nomination for president.

“Are We Really Doing This?”

The conservative commentator and former secret service agent said that he was “being as serious as a heart attack” in discussing the rise of the socialist senator from Vermont.

“Are we really doing this? I’m serious: we live in the United States of America, the freest country in the history of humankind. Are we ready, right now, for the likelihood that a socialist is going to be nominated for a major party for the presidency?” Bongino told host Jesse Watters.

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“I mean, think about this: not only a socialist, but a fraud – a millionaire socialist,” Bongino exclaimed. “A limousine liberal socialist who owns three homes – sorry, not three homes: two homes and a summer camp. I’ve got to get the lingo right. I was not aware, in Vermont, they call your third home a summer camp.” While Bongino was joking around with the irony of the situation, of someone who professes to hate the rich while being in the top 1% himself, the risk to the country was still “serious stuff.”

Sanders is “a step away from running for the presidency of the United States, advocating for a system, Jesse, that has snuffed out the lives, fortunes and wealth of hundreds of millions of people. This isn’t a joke, anymore. This isn’t B.S., anymore. This guy is almost there. This is insane! I never thought I’d be seeing this.”

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Bongino is Right – This is Insane!

The ancient Chinese proverb curses those who offend them to “live in interesting times.” It looks perhaps the curse has affected us here in the West, as we are certainly seeing the political system being completely upended. Even 10 years ago it would be absolutely unfathomable for anyone who calls themselves an unabashed socialist to be the front-runner for the nomination of a major party, but here we are! Bongino is right to say it is “insane” that Sanders is in the lead – the whole world is insane, and for all we know, the insanity is set to continue.