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Obama Forcing You To Pay For THIS, For Transgender Illegal Aliens – BOMBSHELL!

Transgender Illegals

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, President Barack Obama finds new ways to shock us.

Now, Obama’s federal government, through the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), will build separate facilities to cater to illegal immigrants who consider themselves to be transgendered.

As Fusion noted, plans are already underway, and taxpayers are paying for this!

The facility is expected to house about 700 detainees, including a separate 36-bed unit for transgender individuals,” said Carl Rusnok, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE.)

ICE says the Prairieland Detention Center will open in November in Alvarado, Texas, and will operate with the agency’s most advanced care guidelines for transgender detainees. Each detainee will have an individualized detention plan “covering items such as searches, clothing options, hygiene practices, medical care, and housing assignments,” Rusnok said.

Immigrant rights advocates have urged ICE to release LGBT detainees, especially transgender women, because they are more vulnerable to physical and sexual assaults while in custody. The new facility addresses a number of issues to better protect trans women, but immigrant rights leaders say any new detention center is a step in the wrong direction. The advocates want ICE to instead work more closely with community groups that could house trans women.

ICE believes that there are 65 transgender “women” in their custody during an average evening. And taxpayers will build this facility on behalf of the 1 in 500 detainees who are transgender, due to possible sexual abuse by other inmates.

While President Barack Obama mistreats America’s veterans who are dying waiting for medical care, illegal aliens of the “LGBT” community are being catered to. This is outrageous!

As Fox News reported (below):

What do you think about taxpayers subsidizing facilities for transgendered illegal aliens? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.