While many details of President Barack Obama’s background are unknown, we do know he attended Columbia Univeristy. Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root was also there (Class of 1983), which gives him a unique perspective into the REAL Obama.

Because of his long history with Obama, he is able to connect the dots between Obama’s abysmal White House record and the radical roots of his childhood.

Watch (below) as Root explains how Obama was taught the “Colward-Piven model” which is a devious plan to destroy America from within. The goal is to overwhelm the capitalist system with endless spending and debt. Essentially, the strategy is to take advantage of our free society, overburden it to the point of collapse, then replace it with heavy-handed socialism.

That means that instead of terrorists, dictators, or any hostile country — the biggest threat to America is… Barack Obama himself!

And that’s why Root describes Obama as a “suicide bomber in the White House.”

I’ve screamed from the highest mountains for almost seven long years now that we have a suicide bomber in the White House. Obama is divebombing our nation’s economy the same way that the Germanwings airline co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed his plane into the ground in France two months ago.

Except this isn’t one plane and a couple hundred souls. Obama is taking the entire American economy and all of us down with him.

I’ve told everyone and anyone who would listen for almost seven years that Obama is following the exact plan he learned as my college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. The plan is called “Cloward-Piven.”

The plan is simple: To destroy capitalism and “American exceptionalism,” you overwhelm the system with spending, entitlements, regulations and debt. The economy comes to a halt; full-time jobs are killed; businesses fail in record numbers; the middle class is murdered financially; the debt implodes; and the economy is overwhelmed.

Capitalism dies as a majority of Americans wind up hooked on welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and government checks like a drug addict is hooked by a drug dealer on heroin, or crack cocaine, or crystal meth. Obama is America’s drug dealer. But his drug of choice is government dependency.

To make this plan work, Obama needs you hopeless, helpless, clueless and losing all faith in God, yourself, individualism, personal responsibility and capitalism. He needs you scared out of your wits and desperate. He needs you believing that only government can save you.

The proof comes in the form of recent economic indicators, which shows that Obama’s taxing, spending, and health-care takeover are working exactly as Cloward-Piven would support:

You don’t have to believe me. Just look at the evidence. The proof came in last Friday. The first quarter GDP growth was negative.

This is proof that the plan is working. The U.S. economy is in reverse. We are in quicksand, and we’re all drowning. Obama is taking us down like a suicide bomber.

These aren’t opinions. This is a fact. Now you just have to decide based on the evidence of a dying economy after almost seven years under Obama.

Is Obama an ignorant incompetent idiot, dangerous to himself and everyone around him, or a purposeful suicide bomber out to destroy America and capitalism? Because it’s either one or the other.

Here are the facts. The first quarter gross domestic product, which is the measurement of our economy, was just revised on Friday to -0.07 percent. This number is a disaster.

But this isn’t some aberration or outlier. This is the entire Obama presidency. Obama’s seven first quarters as president are at a combined average of -0.43 percent. Obama is the only president in the history of America’s recorded economic measurement to accomplish this.

Let me repeat: This is the worst seven-year record in the history of America’s recorded GDP.

via Personal Liberty

Obama is the only American President to have four separate quarters of negative growth since we started measuring it in 1947. His record for disaster and failure is therefore unmatched… And it can only become more dangerous as we approach the end of his second term.

With so many tools at the President’s disposal to correct these numbers – even in the short term – it is becoming obvious that things are going exactly as planned. And Root is sounding the alarm!

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